I do not understand how evil walks in the day

Should it not fear the light?

Is it a vampire? Does it have photic sneeze reflex? Has it put on its sunscreen for the day?

The OP is a quote from one of the characters in Diablo III, in case anyone’s wondering.

I’m not sure what he’s looking for… A video-game quotefest, maybe?


When - or if - I get to Lut Gholein, I’m going to find the largest bowl of Narlant weed and smoke 'till all earthly sense has left my body.

I used to quote video games, but then I took…
…eh, nevermind

For lo, though the light shineth in darkness, the darkness comprehendeth it not.

I was.

Me neither. If the OP would like to start a thread with some actual content to it, s/he is welcome to do so, but this one is closed for lack of content.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator