I do not understand this airline prohibition

From this article in USA Today: Real life snakes on a plane

Here’s the part I totally fail to understand:

If that’s true, how do they get the politicians from one part of the country to another so quickly?


They’re only restricted from the cabin. You can stuff as many of them in baggage as you want, though.

What about concealing them in various parts of my anatomy?

You want to conceal politicians in various parts of your anatomy? :eek: For the first time ever I want a pukey smiley.

I believe they make an exception for trouser snakes. At least, I really hope so.

Didn’t see this one coming, made me laugh for a moment.

I actually did take a small snake with me on a commercial airliner. It was in a closed sock, in my inner jacket pocket. Obviously it didn’t set off the metal detectors, and it made it from California to Kansas to Wisconsin and back just fine.

Samuel L. Jackson is going to show up at any point now.