I don't care how Obama says the Pledge of Allegiance!! Or if he says it!!

Last night before a rehearsal a woman, age 47, said she had a question for me about Obama. I am the director of this group and it is at a church, so it is inappropriate for me to talk about politics.

I said, “I’m not an expert on Obama, and I really shouldn’t talk about it here.”

She said, “It’s just a small question. I heard that he doesn’t put his hand over his heart when he says the Pledge of Allegiance.”

Okay, here’s what I wanted to say: “WTF?? What is wrong with you?? That is so old! Do you read the paper? Do you listen to the news? Do you listen to anything or read anything about current events? Are you telling me that you were about to vote for him, but this would be the deal-breaker? And why, exactly? Why do you care whether or not a person puts his hand on his heart??”

I said, “That is a myth.”

I thought she was going to ask me about something important.

I had already lost my temper to some other person in this group because of her extreme right-wing positions. I had always kept my temper until this one day when I told her that if Sarah Palin ever becomes present “IT WILL BE YOUR FAULT!!!” I had to apologize to her and everything. So I was extra-careful last night.

Every time Obama says the Pledge without putting his hand on his heart, God kicks a baby seal.

I don’t think it’s physically possible for him to do so. He can get away with saying the pledge on its own, but if he were to put his hand over his heart and complete the ritual, his skin would begin to bubble and boil. If he were to actually touch an American flag I believe he would actually melt. This is why he has to have aids handle the burning of the American flags that power his house.

I thought that people were complaining about how he doesn’t always put his hand over his heart during the national anthem, not the pledge of allegiance. I have never done this, nor do I ever intend to, and sure as hell don’t give a rat’s ass about what Obama decides to do. But, I’m a goddamn commie pinko. I hope when he becomes president he never wears a friggen’ flag pin and puts that stupid issue to rest.

I feel for you. I had to send an email back to the nice candy store lady in my hometown. She is a nice lady–but if this email she sent to me is any indication she is a bit clueless. First off you have a business–don’t assume everyone has the same political beliefs as you do. This could impact you business–think before you send it out. I am a moderate and hate frankly both the extreme right AND the extreme left–both a bunch of loonies as far as I am concerned.

She sent out the stupid you tube video of Philip Berg and his ‘Obama is a Kenyan citizen and not an American and thus can’t be President’ crap. So I sent her back a nice email pointing out that this perhaps is not a good idea for a small business owner to be doing–and of course links to Snopes and other sites that disprove this loony. I also pointed out to her that this loon also took Bush & Co to court abut 911–probably not the guy you want to be bedding with.

Probably will be banned from the candy store now :wink: Oh well I needed to lose a few pounds anyways!

OMG. Obama has AIDS???

I don’t get this hand over your heart during the national anthem thing either, I don’t do it, nobody I know has ever done it. I only put my hand over my heart when I recited the pledge every morning in grade school for about 7 years, I did the two finger salute to flag raisings as a scout. I have always stood to attention with my hands behind my back for the anthem… what’s the fucking big deal?

Just one? pffft…loser…

This is perhaps the best snark I have read this month. In your honor, I will direct my troops to carve your name into the flesh every third New Zealander they massacre next week.

I know. The only time I put my hand there is to check my heart rate isn’t going up too high whenever I’m buttfucking a nun.

Huh. I came in here certain this rant would be about the incorrect pause after “one nation.”

Hand-on-heart is a civilian salute; just like a judge can cite you in contempt for not holding up your hand during swearing-in as a witness, anybody who refuses this gesture is just being conspicuous for the sake of it.

Lucky bastard…

Damn dude, that’s a lot of mutton. How many freezers do you have?

Actually, they’re not “just like” each other at all. For one thing, you’re instructed to hold up your hand during swearing-in in a court of law. For another, there are no legal ramifications for not placing your hand over your heart during the pledge. Third, as others in this thread have pointed out, it’s not necessarily customary everywhere (I don’t remember it being part of the ritual when I was in school).

Obviously we’re not going to put the dead bodies to good use. That would lessen the evil. Sheesh.

That Obama… I heard he snorts cocaine off midget asses and he wipes his bottom with pictures of George Washington! And you know it’s true because I READ IT ON THE INTERNET!!!1

Yeah, hand over heart is for the Pledge of Allegiance. Those who do it for the national anthem are just a bit confused.

Incorrect pause? Huh?

I assume that the addition of “under God” was meant. That bugged me even when I was Christian.

Yeah, it’s “one nation under God” not “one nation, under God”; suspect the only reason some people carry it … is because we’re taught … simple phrasing … in grade school and it sticks.