I Don't Care If You ARE Laughing, LOL THIS!

I love all the discussions here with one minor detail - I don’t actually care if you were reading someone’s funny response to a post and it caused to ROLF, LOL, IMNAL, spit tea out your nose, cause you to muffle your guffaws amidst curious co-workers, or anything else. Why? Because it’s not actually funny to hear that lame shit. If something’s funny, it’s self-evident. I don’t think we need to chime in with lame little comments and inexplicable abbreviations to up our posting counter, or whatever the hell that little thing is called.

I say everyone make a little promise to themself to banish LOL and ROFL, along with felch, from their posting vocabulary. I don’t mind IMHO, as it actually serves a purpose. You can use that one if you’d like.

Thank you.

:end of rant:

Oh, and that :random actions enclosed in colons: shit’s gotta go, to. What’s up with that? This ain’t a MOO. I think that’s lame, too. IMHO.


Awww, man! THAT was really funny!

[holding sides] for someone with only a few posts - you sure have gotten the lay of the land!
It sure is good to have some brAnd spankin new spaz to tell me what is funny!


Maybe we should do away with smilies too! ROTFLOL!

ROFLMAO!! IMHO that was a really funny post!

And BTW, I think that “LOL” or whatever shows you appreciated the humor. It’s feedback for people who can’t see what you did when you read their post.

So, BIOYE. :::BLOW IT OUT YOUR EAR:::: :wink:


Actually, I find the “you owe me a new keyboard” posts quite important. Sure, you, Mr. DavisMcDavis, may consider your posts self-evidently funny. Me? I’ve got a few self-esteem problems, and it’s kind of nice to have someone let me know that they thought I made a particularly bon mot with my post. Otherwise, I throw my comment out, and get empty air in return. Not exactly the most confidence-building thing in the world.
So I’ll keep making my “great joke” comments when someone makes what I think is a truly great joke. And I hope other people continue to do the same; I’d prefer to know whether I’m a comedian or just a laughing-stock.


I am so incredibly funny, IFOOMCL!!
(I fell out of my chair laughing)

[pulls up a chair to wait]

LOL, you goat-felching fun-Nazi! I think from here on out I will post that just to piss you off. No wait a minute, you’re only 22 posts into it, I’ll cut you a little slack. It is the online equivalent of laughing. Do you have a problem with laughing too, DavisMcDipShit?

Honestly, Davis, you didn’t see this shit coming? Sheesh.

(Laughing so goat-felching hard, I snorfed diet Sprite through my sinuses and all over my cubicle walls)

:rolleyes: or are you already sick of smilies too?

Oh, excuuuussse me, Ronald McDork. I must have missed the part where you got elected supreme ruler and may now dictate what we lowly participants can and cannot do. And all in 22 posts! Those must have been some pistol packin’ words to elevate you to such an echelon!

Hey, you self-felching twit, if you don’t like it, find another MB. Or crawl back under your bridge.


rolling on the floor laughing my ass off so hard my pants are now wet with pee pee

Rolling on the floor laughing my motherfucking ass off and pissing my pants.


(That’s not an acronym, I was laughing so hard I smacked my head into the keyboard)

::Picks embedded keyboard keys out of scalp::

Is it lol,roflmao only that bother you or does sounds do it too? I sure hope so.


DavisMcDavis . . . how quickly the rest of us learn. If you have something WORTH the fucking bandwidth, post it. In this case you’re just showing us how you lack the brain cells to understand a human reaction. If something I type or say is funny, I like to know people laughed at it. If I post “funny shit here!” and people write back “ROFL!!!” I know they thought it was funny.

In response to your post: squick yourself with a blender blade. Then go and perform every Fexual Act in the same thread. When you’re done, come back and I’ll give you a nice liversnap.

I notice he as yet to reply. I think we scared him off, IMHO…

DavisMcDavis – I’ve got to agree 100 percent with you. I mean, I don’t care if other people think a post is funny. We all get the jokes all the time. We are not here to support or appreciate the wit of other posters.

I really hate it when one poster calls another poster lame or says that their posting style is lame shit. I mean, what kind of lame shit is that? What’s that all about?

But what is really lame is telling everyone else what to do.

You can bitch to high heaven or Valhalla that you, personally, do not like something and refuse to engage in it. That’s fine. But really, refrain from playing dictator. We already have several but we call them Moderators.

I am now taking bets that you will come back in here and say the whole OP was a joke. Any takers?

Davis, I can see how ROFL might irritate you. And God knows, we Dopers are nothing if not accommodating of one another’s foibles. So the next time you post something you imagine might be humorous and are met with dead silence, rest assured that we are all laughing our collective ass off; we just don’t want to offend you by saying so.

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

LOL! That was really funny Byz!

Moves abit further away from Davis on the bench…he done pissed Sunshine off…Theys gonna be blood. Hope it ain’t mine.

:: Delta-9 sees this as a perfect opportunity to pad his post count::



Oh, and since we’re in the pit, fuck off.


(Laughing So Damn Hard I Fell Out Of My Lawn Chair And Spilled My Beer)