I don't ever want to spell check in another language

Ever, period.

But, MS Office 2007 has kindly started spell checking my documents in French. I have repeatedly set the default language to English UK, but it keeps reverting.

Is there any way to delete the multitude of other languages MS will kindly offer to spell check in? How can I permanently set my language settings to English UK? I keep getting bumped back to US English and now French :mad:

I work in an office and I save documents to a shared network, but AFAIK MS Office is installed on my own machine. Any help?

Glad to see that the default spelling language bug, which has been around since I first used MS Word in 1993 (on a Mac), still persists. Good old MS!

I copied all my work into a new document, which tried to spell check in French one more time, before surrendering to a bit of Anglo-spelling.

Which seems like a bit of a kludge, like the answer from our website peeps when I told them a feature of our Content Management Software wasn’t working. Their answer - just don’t use that feature…

My comment is not very GQ-ish, but I can’t resist: as my husband and I were coming home from work just a few hours ago, I was complaining BITTERLY that MSWord insisted on spell-checking a doc I was dealing with today - originally in Indonesian, later translated to English - in Swedish. None of the obvious user-interface options would change this, even though I kept selecting English as my dictionary language.

I am aware that there is some obscure, completely user-unfriendly way to insist that a document be spell-checked in the language of your choice, but Word really screwed up on this one because the options that any normal user will try DON’T WORK. As an editor who regularly deals with docs created around the world by people whose native languages are quite varied, I am routinely disgusted by Word’s opaque options.