I don't get Cecil's Julio Iglesias joke

In this column on the flat tax, Cecil says that “the flat tax is like a date with Julio Iglesias. It takes you a while to realize you’ve been screwed.”

I don’t get it.

I’ve scanned the Wikipedia page on Julio, and nothing there enlightened me.

So … can anyone explain Cecil’s joke to me?

My guess is that it’s a reference to Iglesias’s biggest hit, “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before,” a song you just could not get away from in the mid-1980s, in which he basically is saying “I have slept with a lot of women and then shown them the door. Boo-ya!”

That sounds like a plausible explanation.

I guess I missed the joke because I somehow missed hearing that omnipresent song of the 80s (which is the decade that I stopped listening to the radio, so that probably explains that).

I think you can be forgiven. After all, the 80s only lasted about…10 years or so, although it sure seemed longer at the time.

I think the idea is that Iglesias was so slick with his moves, he could be “in and out” (as it were) before she ever noticed anything was happening.

And by coincidence he’s a lawyer. :dubious:

This is my take on it.

Exactly what I was thinking.

So, ol’ Julio suffers from premature ejaculation?

Why wasn’t that mentioned on his Wikipedia page??!?!?!?

Was he actually known for this?

I guess the reputation comes with, or from, the songs. I too figured that the implication was that Iglesias was a fast worker. A little like the old Speedy Gonzales joke. (A married guy, worried by reports that Speedy was in town, decided to spend all night with his hand shielding his wife’s honor, so to speak. In the wee small hours he quickly swatted a fly away from his nose and instantly replaced his hand. An indignant voice came from the darkness. “Senor! Please take your hand off my ass!”)

Between Isabel and Miranda, Julio Iglesias went through women as if they were candy, but find me one who complained about it. Even the one who sued for paternity many years after the fact doesn’t talk badly about him. He’s certainly fast in the seduction parts; I doubt he is so in the sex parts - and for a long time, he was the modern epitome of the latin lover (for many guys, he still is, although they think that “Miranda has tamed him, a pity”). Dude had a reputation for the ability to be in before you even realized you were thinking “hey, he’s not so bad-looking once you get over the old-leather face…”; the reputation doesn’t say anything about out.

In Like Flynn, in case anyone else was reminded of the phrase. Which apparently in strict etymology does not apply.