I don't have one. I'm just commoner [Am I strange?]

This topic is perfect for me ! I can’t wait to impose my inanity on everyone. I have much experience annoying people with my opinions, some of which almost seem to make sense. That’s part of the illusion of intelligence or profundity I seem all-too fond of. Am I ill ? I read this quote in the paper, yesterday, from Marianne Moore, American poet (1887-1972): “The passion for setting people right is in itself an afflictive disease”. I had no idea it was a disease. She could have been talking about me. I thought I was just trying to be helpful, all this time. I hope there is no cure.



Meds dude.

Don’t have one what?

Honestly, I really thought this was going to be about the old joke that ends with the punchline “but you’re a princess and he’s just a common-tater.”

Title. Geez…all you smart people and no one is familiar with silliness ?

weren’t any of you ever young ? Never mind, go back contemplating your naval.

And don’t tell me I meant navel. I meant your big boats.

Never let the child inside you die. And don’t murder him, either.

At least you looked in the right direction. And I never heard that joke.

How does it go ?

You offering ? Or just teasing ? Don’t worry, I know some sources.

Maybe I misunderstood all six words that identify this thread. Seems highly improbable, but possible. Or maybe you are all of a certain political party in the U.S.
which is not known for mirth. You know which one.

There’s mirth, and then there’s stream of consciousness wanking.

You know which one.

Short version:

The princess of the potatoes fell in love with potato Rush Limbaugh. Her potato parents strenuously objected to their relationship. When the princess asked why, her parents said, “but you’re a princess and he’s just a common-tater.”

I can totally believe this.

Like…did you ever look at your hand, man? Like, really look at it?..I mean, like…oh wow…

No, I don’t. What would you prefer. Some serious silliness ? Wanking ? What do you do while wanking ( if I get your use of the term ) ? Calculus ? I’m not here to win friends. And I have no enemies. Pomposity leaves me cold and I will Lampoon it like Ahab did his whale. I take nothing serious, but to take me as a fool would be a mistake.

You should. Self-importance is my favorite target.

Do you ever dream that you have claws? :dubious:

Maybe some of you should read the Marianne Moore Quote again. I have that disease. We all do, or we wouldn’t be posting. Lighten up, eggheads. Or don’t, I don’t care. I admire humility in others, but I seldom touch the stuff, myself. Even the great Steven Hawking finds the time for mirth, and he CAN’T laugh. I like to get along with others, but it is surely not something I can’t do without.

No, and no. You ? Is there some meaning there ? Maybe you should try asking in a less cryptic way ? I have no agenda and no secrets. And no claws.

First off, I’d like you to hang around Hollow mask. You can spell AND use punctuation correctly…so already you’re up there in the Cool Kids category. :smiley:

But how about you tone it back a bit, eh? Take a stroll through some of the posts in this forum, or maybe even the other fora if you’ve got time to spare. We’re not all pointy headed nerds, political shriekers or Star Wars freaks. Some of us are pretty normal people with pretty decent senses of humour even. :cool:

You sneer at self-importance, yet your behaviour here is reminiscent of a young child needing to be the centre of attention at all costs. It’s amusing to us, 'cos it makes you look like a right git!

Yet all is not lost…you can redeem yourself still. Get stuck into some of the threads here and go for it! Have fun, but don’t be a dick…

My two bob’s worth anyway.

I’m poking fun at myself; a parody about self-importance. Satire can be misinterpreted, I don’t really mean anything that sounded pompous. The nerd and egghead stuff was a put-on, but point well taken. I’m unfamiliar to you guys. I have a lot of tolerance and I’m not the jerk I seem. But thanks for the tips; I have an ironic slant and a playful nature. I appreciate your advice. I do crave attention, I confess. I am the last of a large family and to be somewhat obnoxious was my thing. But, I will tone it down, though subtlety and timidity are not in my nature. I’m not a jerk, really, I just act the part for effect.