I don't know if this is a question or not but....

…I bet more people have contracted disease from kissing than they have from anal sex How long will we let this abomination go on???


Like cooties?

Perhaps mono?

I’d like a cite for this thread

Anal Sex Diseases

On the grand scale of things, not that many.

Although, they can pretty much all kill you.

We’re going to stop kissing?

Shoot me now.

Here in Texas, that depends on which body part and the gender of who you are kissing.

Does kissing my boss’ ass constitute a serious health risk?

I think the rate of contraction of these diseases needs to be taken into account. Plus, I tend to stay away from girls who’s breath smells like shit.

Only one way to find out…

Well acually you can prevent kissing desease with a simple tongue condom. Unfortuntely in Texas these are illegal.

I guess my point comes to mouth to mouth has spread more desase than…hmmmm…probably anything. So if we’re going to talk abou the unnatural acts that god adominatons obviously disappoves us given the pestilense he attatches to it…well that wedding day kiss is right out.

I don’t buy it myself…I think you should enjoy yourself. Just remember your tongue condom.