I don't like big mouths on chicks

They are hard to kiss…you end up smashing your teeth against their teeth, it really grosses me out.

Give me a woman with normal sized mouth and lips.

Makes you wonder how Carly Simon or some of those other big mouthed singers kiss…yuck

And yes, I had a bad experience with a big mouthed woman, I stopped kissing her after awhile…thats how bad it was. Good thing she knew how to use that mouth in other ways. No offense to the ladies here.

Jebus, you knew I had to respond to this.

Okay, here’s my question for you.

What do you like?



Well, I don’t have razor sharp nipples nor do I have a large mouth (at least not inthe sense the OP is talking about). But…given the OP…I am not sure if this is a good thing or not. :wink:

Ahem …

Beggars cannot be choosers, Jebus

I thought you were gonna talk about how they just never shut their mouth, always yap yap yap. I was going to tell you that you might as well just turn gay then.

Ummm… the wimmins won’t read this right

There’s a lot to be said for big mouths. But I suppose it depends on what you have that needs to be mouthed. Maybe they make you feel inadequate to the challenge. :slight_smile:

What’s the name of that chick from Meet Joe Black? She is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, and she has a fairly large mouth.

Don’t tell me, you kissed a woman with a large mouth, and she turned out to have razor-edged fangs that slice the * other * side of your face open?

Ahh the trials and tribulations of Jebus…

from Meet Joe Black…Claire Forlani? I don’t recall her mouth being extraordinarily huge but I agree on the beautiful point.

Maybe I’m just not as critical as Jebus.

Do you mean a huge smile or very full lips? I’ll have you know that I have full lips and they are very sensuous, thank you very much.

Mary I think he is referring to woman with huge pie-holes, not lips. Like that lesbian comedian chick who used to play on Rosainne. What is her name? She has a HUGE mouth. I bet her jaw unlocks like a rattlesnake’s.

What Jebus dislikes in women:[ul][li]Small nipples[/li][li]Large mouths[/li]to be continued …[/ul]

Wanderer, I think Jebus is trying to tell us something. Let’s direct him to Esprix, with whom he’ll probably be much happier.

I don’t know if my mouth is large or not, I suppose it depends on the opinion of the person looking.

But I would like to dedicate a song to you, from large mouthed, small nippled women everywhere.

Aaron Tippin’s ** Kiss This **

Translation: I have a small penis.:slight_smile:

Oh, no you don’t.

Me? Well I can’t stand a small mind in a man. Or anyone else for that matter! But never fear, I wouldn’t kiss you with my big mouth for cool million!

I’ll repeat what I said in the other thread.

If you really have an excess of these women with big mouths or small nipples, don’t waste time bitching here. Get on the job and send them to me. I care about you, Jebus. I will save you from all these terrifyingly unique and individual women. I’m your friend. I’m willing to make this sacrifice.

Unless Suzy* responds in the affirmative. Then you’ll just have to learn to deal with variations in the goddesses like a grownup does. Or at least stop whining about it.

*You don’t know her.

Now let’s not jump Jebus here; I think it only fair to point out that most likely, somebody put a sign on his back. It said, “small-razor-nippled, large mouthed women of the world, flock to me”. Is it his fault that he’s somehow managed to forget to remove it every night? Is it hie fault that apparently they can’t resist the sight of a man with a sign? :rolleyes: