I don't like jackasses who don't like women who have...


Think he’ll bother to open this?

Hmmm…, just a hunch, but I’ll bet yes, and possibly even reply.

I don’t know… .ya find something that works for ya and you stick to it… He’s got gumption.

What I wonder is how many established posters will bother to respond with pointless replies. You know who I’m talking about. The one’s who reply just to do it, who don’t have anything valuable to add to the thread.

Is gumption while being so shallow a good thing?

Yeah, oldscratch, I know exactly what you mean. Don’t you just hate people who have nothing to say but waste the bandwidth?

and now back to your regularly-scheduled OP: Everybody Hates Jebus.

I agree Iampunha. They think they make the thread better just by their presence.

And then thye have the audacity to get mad when people tell them to stop posting drunk . . . the nerve!

Yep, and they just completely hijack it off on their own little tangent. Don’t even care what other people think, or what the thread might be about. Just go off in their own little world like no one else exists.

Hey you bastards! Step off!

Oh well, at least the thread is getting hits…in a sense.


Eh, anyway, I orginally posted this in MPSIMS, before I saw the other thread here. Best to let it die a quick death. It’s much less painful that way. :wink:

Well, I never! You hate me because of… NOTHING?!

Well, let me tell you you little worthless bag of… oh, wait, I get it! I get the joke! Finally! This isn’t about your 3000 post thing!

Wow, glad I didn’t make a total ass out myself! :wink:

Since the little fucker was banned, I don’t think he’ll check in here.

Yer pal,

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Other fun thread titles:

I don’t like limburger cheese on my sandwiches.
I don’t like rug burn on my penis.
I don’t like racoons who mime.
I don’t like Mormons when they are drunk.

HEY!! …, cut that out! … I am running low on bandwidth over here!! I could use that extra bandwidth that these people are wasting. I mean, just last week I sent a nice care package of bandwidth off to those in need. Why do we waste all this bandwidth while others are starving for more??


I don’t like **any **burns on Mr. Snake, thankyouverymuch!

Just taking this opportunity to shamelessly pad my post count.

Douglips, I think I see a sig here.

It’s getting to be a real habit with me!!