I don't like the colours

They seem so severe and institutional. The white is glaring and repressive. That damn lavender is the shirt on a corpse washed up on the beach bleached by the sun, salt and wind. The grey is an endless rainy weekend when you want to be outside.

The red is the colour of betrayal the silver is a killer hiding back in the shadows, barely seen through the mist.

The black is that last little bit of coffee when the full pot has sat on the burner all day long, a thick and bitter syrup.

The smileys are a sick pussy yellow reflecting the sick and decadent weakness of the software upgrade.

I don’t like these colours.

Auuueeeeugh, we dun’t like the COLOURS dun’t we…?

Well, pardon me, Pater, but why dun’t chew pour out the tea and skunns whilst I play upon the grahnd peeyawnoh.

You are a bad and evil man.

I don’t like the colors. They are worse than at the temp. board when it first went up. The orange at least kept you awake.

They’re less obvious on your computer screen at work though, hein?


Does remind me of a rainy day though, I have to say.


I agree. I actually grew to like the warm earthtones on the temp board.

While I realize the folks running this place have a lot to deal with, I’ll admit that I’m not taken with these rather wan colors myself.

I don’t know if it’s possible to bring back the old color scheme, but it wasn’t broke, and didn’t need to be fixed.

Maybe after the board’s properly operational, and Jerry’s had a chance to catch a few nights’ sleep…

I actually like the new colour scheme! it meshes almost perfectly with my desktop settings which are very similar. so nyah:)

Actually, I kind of like the colors. But then, I live in Oregon and don’t mind the weather, so make of that what you will…

I think the colors are just fine… except for the purple scrollbars. It makes the whole thing look like some high school kid’s webpage, and he just discovered the power of basic Javascripts…

Ah, well.

For all you people complaining about the colors and layout, it could be worse. Check out these examples of vBulletin in action:


3D Drivers


Totally Resident Evil Forums


(Actually that last one wasn’t bad, I just threw it in for Nostradamus)

All in all, we have it pretty good.

I preferred it when the background was all white, but I’m not complaining TOO much.

I like the purple but it seems a bit… out of place. I sort of expect the SDMB to be a little spartan.

The colors are nice. They make me feel happy and alive. Isn’t everything wonderful. If I could only keep my eyes openzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…


holy crap AAAAAGH! glaring white brightness !!!

I agree it would be nice to be able to personalise the colors,

somthing like what this board has for easy on the eyes veiwing.


maybe not your favorite colors but much easier for these sensative eyes to read.

At least you can see the colours.

Since my incident, my whole world is just bleak, murky shades of grey. You should all be getting down on your knees and thanking G-d that you CAN SEE COLOURS, and spare a thought for those who can’t and just quit your bellyaching.

What I wouldn’t give to see what colour this is. Green? Silver?


PS I think it’s starting to get worse. I can hardly see anything now. Oh, just go away and leave me alone…

I like them, in a Gap, Pottery Barn, would-be-really-cool-if-the-damn-yuppies-and-teens-on-heroin-hadn’t-ruined-it sort of way.

Dr. J


I guess considering the color scheme there, there’s no male 20ish parents. Let’s perpetuate the stereotype of women liking the colors purple, pink and light blue …

3D Drivers

Very “military.”


Looks like yet another “safe place for womyn on the Web.”

Totally Resident Evil Forums

K-rad kewl! For some reason, gamerZ like color schemes that are difficult to read.

Then again, my color scheme won’t win too many awards. :smiley:


The SDMB really isn’t that much different than the stock vBulletin color scheme.

I’ve got a blue/light grey/dark grey color scheme, with all black text, and black underlined links that turn grey with a rollover. No complaints so far, although I’ve debated black table borders versus white table borders.

Er, is it actually possible Scylla whooshed everybody in this thread except me? Or have I got my “Irony Detector” set up too high?

[tinkers with machinery]

Testing, testing…


“Mr. Atta, Mr. Atta, please come to the front desk, your student visa is ready…”

beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep

Nope, it looks like it’s working normally…

I keep coming back here, because the first three posts just crack me up. Then DDG comes along and tops them.

I think Scylla just got into some bad lit, something noir, and it is just taking him a while to come down.