I don't really care how much TV you watch.

I try to avoid telling you “I don’t watch TV” because it sounds arrogant. But when you ask me if I’ve seen X show and I say I haven’t, and then go on to mention several more shows, I figure I should let you know why I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, so you’ll quit giving me those looks.

But for the gods’ sakes, I’m tired of the automatic response being, “Well I don’t watch much.” I don’t care. You’re not going to impress me with that statement. You’re not going to make me think you’re not a loser, because I didn’t think you were one to begin with. Or I did, but it had nothing to do with television.

And for cryin’ out loud, when I say I don’t watch TV, that doesn’t mean you can ask me what I thought about another show fifteen minutes later and have me suddenly respond with, “Oh, yes, I saw that.” No TV really means no TV. It means no cable, no satellite, no freakin’ rabbit ears.

Now movies I know about.

There was a good sketch about that same thing on Frasier about that.
Did’ja see it?

LMAO. Thanks.

[Homer Simpson]
But TV gives so much and asks so little…
[/Homer Simpson]

this rant has been brought to you by Jonathan Green

This OP sums up my feelings exactly!
I would say you hit the nail right on the head.
Good heavens,I can’t even add anthing.

It seems that every time a person learns that I don’t watch TV they feel compelled to inform me that they,“don’t watch much”.
What do I care?
The little description you give about these folks not wanting to be judged as losers is exactly right.
Thirty minutes later I am inevitably asked what I thought about some other show.

On another(related)topic,I was once asked by a coworker,in an outraged/incredulous voice,“DO YOU READ?”
He seemed shocked that I could actually do such a subversive thing as read.
Go figure.

Too funny- I lost my satellite service earlier this year (January) then didn’t miss it enough to bother getting it again. People refuse to believe that I’ve not seen Survivor, The Sopranos, etc. When I say “I don’t have TV” they say “no cable? no nothing?” like I’m nuts.

One thing I will say: After Sept 11, I bought a set of rabbit ears for my 13" black and white set so I can see (fuzzy) news. I also watch fuzzy football on Sunday on it.



Thanks for the link.