I Don't Remember Doing This!

It seems I have a NightMare Laboratory.

You may argue that I’m too young to have been practicing in the 1920’s. I would rebut with my experiments in chronal displacement.

So I don’t know if this is me, a Doc Cathode from an alternate reality, or my evil twin Doc Anode making trouble for me. The matter must be investigated further.

I’d like to thankAntiCounterRevolutionary for bringing this matter to my attention.

How do you know Doc Anode is the evil one, and not you? Oh right, he’s negative.

Yeah I know that’s not always the case and cathodes can be negative. Doc Cathode could still be the evil one sometimes. In that case I just want to stay on his good side.

It’s quite possible that Doc isn’t dealing with a usual good/evil split. They could both be evil.

Don’t you all remember my discussion of my work in curing illnesses by working on a patient’s Non Corporeal Consciousness Field?

My writing on my work on a device that radiated Kopranik High energy to cause feelings of wellbeing, brotherhood and benevolence- as I called it The Love Bomb?

My attempts to bring about universal happiness and to find a low fat, low calorie brownie that doesn’t let you down in the flavor department like so many others?

My constant work in using handenbunging to bring patients to hysterical paroxysm?