I don't understand why I would want to flatiron my hair

At least once a month someone asks me this. “Did you ever think about ironing it straight?” And the answer is no, never.

But I can’t understand why people would ask me in the first place. I have beautiful hair. This is not just a matter of my personal opinion, I’ve been told it all my life since I was a babe. It’s thin, and very very curly, and and looks alternately sexy and cute when needed. It’s probably hands-down my best feature. I keep it long so the weight pulls it into less sproingy curls and more relaxed curls.

I can’t understand why I would ever want to mess with this formula. Sure, it gave me trouble when I was young, but now I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’m not sure what ironing it flat is exactly going to do for me.

So? What’s the point of ironing your hair?

Fashion. Something different. Control.

Mine is past wavy and not quite curly when medium length, some days I embrace my curls. Other days I want a less cute more edgy choppy flat iron look. Yet other days it’s a large barreled curling iron for a “country club bob”. Somedays this is based off my mood, some days it’s based off of what my hair decides to do, some based of what I’m doing, and some days the weather is the determining factor.

Grass is always greener syndrome. A lot of people with curly hair want straight and vice versa. That is why there is both curling irons and flat irons, perms and brazilian blowouts.

To some people, sleek straight air automatically means professional. Curly means wild and unkempt.

I have really curly hair too, and I am constantly being told by people (my mom, my boss) that I should straighten it to improve my appearance. Every now and then I do it for fun, but I think it’s a waste of time and damaging to do it often. (Also, like you I have a LOT of hair, and it can take even the stylist up to 2.5 hours to totally straighten it.)

The beautiful thing about my hair:

  • I can scrunch with some gel and go. My hair care routine takes less than five minutes. I use good shampoo and conditioner and only wash about 3x a week.
  • If I want a “professional” look I can pull it back into a braid.
  • But really, why do I need one? I don’t have an especially professional job - I work in an office, but I am not a high-falutin’ boss. I’m a lackey and I’m ok with it.
  • The curls take years off my face and always make me look younger. Hated it when I was 20, like it now.
  • I get control by putting the sides up into clips.

Don’t get me wrong. I think some people look great with flattened hair, and I can see some people just sort of accidentally got curly hair and weren’t meant to have it. But it’s the pressure that baffles me. Like the pressure I get to cut my hair short because I’m “older” now, I get lots of pressure to straighten my hair.

Do. Not. Want!

No. No it is not.

Awww. blush

These are the children of the people who were always asking me if I was planning to get a perm.

Sometimes I get it back to back! “You have beautiful hair! Did you ever think about straightening it?”

:confused: :smack:

For some people, they assume everyone hates their curly hair and wants to straighten it. Or that everyone feels the need to “change up” their hairstyle and “do something different” all the time. Eh, there’s no accounting for taste, I suppose, I’ve never felt much urge to change for change’s sake in the hair department.

I have, or, had, curly hair (really, uber frizzy/wild Gilda-Radner-esque) and its chemically straightened, and I love it that way. If the FDA outlawed the process I’d probably cry.

But even before I had permanently straightened my hair, I never would have flatironed it. It’s horrible for your hair, takes considerable skill to do well, and takes forever to accomplish. My hair is absurdly coarse* and voluminous – the few times I had it straightened at a salon, it took at least 45 minutes. No way no how am I going to do that – except get worse results – every time I wash my hair!!

*coarse: my hair can slice through rubber and plastic parts on a vacuum cleaner like butter. voluminous: I can’t wear it in a ponytail very long because the weight of it hurts my head. My hair laughs at 90% of hair clips.

Yeah, I have this problem because it’s so thin. I can only use hairclips that snap flat, i.e., no room for the hair to slip out. The claws that work in my head are amazingly small. Anything too big and the hair just won’t be held.

My hair is that annoying sort-of-wavy but really just messy texture. So I need to either straighten it or curl it when I want a nicer look. The flat iron is easier, my hair won’t hold the curls very well, so I go with that. It takes about 30 minutes, so I don’t do it most days, but I do it once a week and it lasts for 2 or 3 days, till I wash my hair again.

I have wavy but not curly hair. It gets a little frizzy when it is humid but that can be tamed with a little hairspray (or some 'who gives a fuck).

I once went to a flea market and they were selling expensive flat irons. My hair at the time was to the middle of my back and long and thick and wavy. They decided to use me as a hair model.

I looked SOOO stupid. I looked older. My face looked fatter.

I never really wanted to straighten my hair before that and I will NEVER do it again.

Huh - well, I have naturally swavey hair and I flat iron it every day to go to work because it looks more professional. Occasionally someone will ask if I ever wear it curly and I will usually wear it curly the next day (assuming no meetings) so demonstrate it’s swaveyness.

I dunno, sometimes options are nice - I assume if people are saying your hair is beautiful and asking if you ever wear it straight they’re guessing it would be beautiful that way as well.

Well, I hate my curls. They are thick, dry, and frizzy. In my life I’ve spent the equivalent of the GDP of several small European nations buying hair products, but I’ve never found the magic bullet for frizz. I’ve learned to live with my curls because it’s just too damn hard to straighten them myself, although I do get salon blowouts once in a while. I’ve even looked into that Brazilian hair straightening, but I’m scared it will damage my hair too much.

I don’t agree that curly hair looks unprofessional - I know some women with gorgeous curls. But personally I feel more confident when it’s straight and sleek. I look much better in photos too.

As for why the OP gets asked about straightening, using flatirons and all that jazz is just the trend now. But if you’re happy with your hair then there’s no point in messing with it.

My hair is a curly ball of mess but I like it and it looks good on me. And if I do it right it looks great with minimal effort.

My mom is always asking me if I want to flat iron it, even when she tells me how much she likes my curly hair (hers is slightly wavy).

I don’t think my stupid fat face would look good with anything straight around it. Heck I look stupid with wet hair because it’s less big.

I join you in being perplexed by the flat-ironers. Sounds like it’s just “something that people say” almost like “how are you?” :slight_smile:

I’m not too familiar with the Brazilian keratin treatment. I do Japanese Thermal Reconditioning which is permanently permanent. It physically alters the shape of your hair, and only new growth needs to be touched up, ever. It takes 4 hours and for me, lasts about 9 months between touchups. If you’re ever in NYC I can tell you where to go for an expert job, at the best price.

JTR isn’t damaging to hair; probably no worse than one of your salon blowouts. However to use the JTR process, your hair cannot be color-processed in even the slightest degree (they make you sign a waiver holding them harmless if you lied about this). If you have colored or highlighted hair, Brazilian Keratin treatment is your only option. I believe it’s more like a coating and wears off eventually.

Good to know. I do have colored and highlighted hair, so no JTR for me.

I don’t understand why women with wavy hair would want to straighten it. I hate that “artificially straight and sleek” look that makes women look like they’re wearing a wig. My wife has naturally slightly curly blond hair, but every once in a while she pays to have it straightened for a change. And I have to pretend I like it, even though I’ve admitted to her I prefer the natural look.

Shampoo and conditioner adverts do it all the time, too. The hot, tousled “before” woman turns into something horrid like this. How can that possibly be an improvement?

Most women don’t step out of the shower looking like the “Before” photo though. Her hair’s probably been blow-dried and given waves with a large-barreled curling iron. It takes work even to look tousled.

A lot of shampoo commercials portray straight, sleek hair as more desirable and attractive. It’s too bad.