I don't want any fluffernuts in my kersnutlicks!

Can’t I have a fluffernut free kersnutlick? I was finally able to get a kersnutlick with balbernackles, and it had fluffernuts in it! I told the Loobatride that I didn’t want any fluffernuts!



Is there an American English to Australian English translation thing here 'cos that just made no sense to me.

Someone please translate because I just have to know what it means, I might be missing out on the deeper meaning of life and have no idea.

To: Gjorp
East Glingewood

From: Kernutslick Chow-Chow Corp

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for your recent correspondence, accompanying the box of opened kernutslicks, to our Complaints Dept.

We regret to inform you that full refund is not available in this case (no matter how many times you have tried to emphasise the point by underlining our Terms of Trade with melted jellicktang from straight off the fugwertorg – frankly, we found that disgusting) as you have already spacklebated the kernutslicks, thereby rendering any proper investigation into your complaint a complete and utter blorglespak.

We do advise that our blabernackle range is famously free of fluuffernuts, as we are well aware of the effect these ave on some glimpers who experience intense hakuffle reaction.

Please find enclosed, however, a complimentary packet of wugstalpers, as a token of our appreciation of you as a discerning kerbnutslick customer.

Yours faithfully


I haven’t had kersnutlicks with balbernackles in years. I had them once when I was vacationing in West Eastnagle, but apparently for some reason nobody locally carries them. Fluffernuts are readily available here, of course, and I will eat them in a pinch, but I’ve really had a taste for kersnutlicks with balbernackles.

By the way, have you ever had klopsnackers? I prefer the ones with natters, but the wilperfins are pretty good too.

A fluffernutter is a sandwich made with marshmallow fluff and peanut butter.

Is this some sort of LOTR thing? Aw heck, even if it is-- I personally believe the croknibble of fluffernuts brings out the essence of a good kersnutlick. Try leaving them out to get stale, then they’re absolutely mergibbes!