I don't want stupid fucks defending my country!!

THIS waste of his fathers sperm isn’t smart enough to defend our freedom. What kind of stupid fuck is willing to trade his irreplaceable finger for an EASILY replaceable ring? I hold my marriage sacred, and cherish my ring. But my body parts are worth more than almost ANY thing!! What’s wrong with this idiot? What?
But THAT’S not the big question!
The BIG question is this:


…and then they lost the ring!!!


Lame. And done already.

:eek: My search came up empty!


We all agreed that sacrificing his finger for a symbol of a coveted union was one of the most beautiful and heroic deeds ever displaying in combat.

You missed it and now look what you did.

Link please…

Save my wedding ring doc, cut off my finger – You lost your finger we lost your ring
Kel Varnsen - Latex Division

What’s wrong with stupid fucks defending the country? At least they’re making themselves useful.

A finger is not a limb.

By removing themselves from the gene pool, that is.

Case Sensitive’s location: Bounded in a nutshell

“Bound in a nutshell” is a song
by the group The Lightning Seeds
from the album Cloudcuckooland
an album name by Aristophanes
from his ancient play The Birds

… a play inspired by a hubris-driven, failed military invasion.

Just thought I’d point that out.

I was a soldier, and I like soldiers. I will not comment on the OP’s rant.

It reminds me of a story of one of our MPs who got RPGed off the top of an Iraqi police station. In an interview the wounded soldier told how the Sergeant Major had the presence of mind to run back up to the top of the building and recover the soldier’s hand and toss it into the evacuation helicopter.

Soldier said she really appreciated that someone thought to let her keep her wedding band.

That, sir, is the kind of stupid fucks you have defending your country.

It has been borne out in my experience that book smarts and bravery are often counterposed. If those who stand between me and the bullets of my enemies are stupid fucks, then I cannot find the words, with all my years of crafting language, to pin a proper term upon the witless sewer rats who mock them.

I get your point, Liberal, but this guy was in Iraq. Nobody’s going to shoot you from there. I think the lie that they are somehow defending our country in what is really an invasion gets slipped by without comment too much. They are actually jeopardizing our future, losing our international support, creating a new generation of enemies that MAY one day be firing at you. This is not the marine’s fault, but it’s a fact, one of those unpleasant reality-based things like the debt that make Bush and his supporters so uncomfortable.

Anyway, the story said the doctor would “try to save most of his finger,” or something to that effect, so it may have made sense in context. i think they should have duly noted where they put the damned thing, and I don’t know how it could be completely “lost” unless it was stolen.

Well your army isn’t doing that, your executive is.

Yeah, but in that case, the hand was already blown off. It wasn’t in this case. Totally different.

Agreed. I was responding directly to a post suggesting the soldiers are lined up between us and the enemy, taking bullets for us. If I state otherwise, it is not a criticism of those soldiers in any way. It’s just stating the truth because, well, because it’s true.

It seems in these times, it’s often politically incorrect to state the truth, and the fact that it’s true is no excuse.

I do not support the war, and never have. This sort of ceaseless meddling and interference in these eternal squabbles all over the world will likely be the downfall of the US. And I am under no illusion that this war is defending our country.


I do not blame the men who follow orders and find themselves in some far off land, eating bullets and bathing in shrapnel. They are men who would fight whatever foe. All that is lacking is men of character to point out to them who the enemy is. The soldiers are brave, and those who call them stupid fucks are nothing more than nebbish and shadowy vestiges of man’s evolution, doomed by their own cowardice to become extinct.

Likewise, being brave - or romantic - doesn’t make you immune from criticism for stupidity. The guy is both brave and romantic. Still, deciding to have your finger cut off instead of your wedding ring is dumb.

In my opinion, reckoning the circumstances of men whose lives you have not led is consumately dumb. If his ring means more to him than his finger, then what he did was wise. Just because a man treasures what you disdain does not make him stupid.

You’re accusing me of being judgmental, but this is not a values issue in my opinion. Given a digit that will not grow back and a ring you can have removed and fixed, no matter how much of a romantic you are, it should not be a difficult choice. Why? You need look no further than what happened to this guy. He’s now got no ring and no finger.

I don’t wear a necklace these days, but when I did, I wouldn’t have had my head amputated to avoid damaging it even though my late grandfather gave it to me. :stuck_out_tongue: