Would you rather lose 5 fingers for $100 million, 4 fingers for $10 million or 3 fingers for $1 million?

Would you rather lose 3 fingers for $1 million, 4 fingers for $10 million or 5 fingers for $100 million?

You can choose which fingers to remove. They’re removed instantly and painlessly. You can’t have them replaced or get prosthetics. The money is tax free.

4 for 10M. When are you going to send the check? I‘ll PM you the address~certified only.

You probably have to send the fingers first, in my experience.

Now what in the hell kind of question is that??? :upside_down_face:

Wow… If I had to choose, then only 3. If I’m free to choose, I give the middle finger to the guy making me the offer.

With millions of dollars, why couldn’t you get prosthetics?

It’s a hypothetical and no prosthetics makes the scenario more interesting.

4 Fingers for $10 million. Can probably still function pretty well without both pinkies and both ring fingers. But I think I would rather keep all my fingers.

With a hundred million dollars, couldn’t you just get, like, a right-hand man?

Ok, I go for the 5 fingers for $100 million option.
And the fingers I choose to be removed are your fingers.

Pass. I’m not going to spend the rest of my life explaining to people that I’m NOT a high school shop teacher.

Tough choice. On one hand 4 fingers for 10 mil would have minimal impact on my life while getting me enough money to never work again but its still a major disfigurement while 5 fingers isn’t much more of a disfigurement but is a ton more money. I probably give up the fingers on my left hand for the 100 million.

What if I bribed you with a couple million for the option to buy prosthetics?

Really? If I had to lose 5 fingers, it would defnitely be 3 and 2. You can do a hell of a lot with just a finger and thumb, and I think keeping both hands somewhat functional far outweighs have one completely intact hand.

I only need a million, I am not greedy. Only if I get to pick the fingers- the three furthest from the thumb, left hand.

Yep. I agree that functionality would be higher at 3 and 2 but cosmetically losing a hand is less of a big deal then losing multiple fingers from both hands. Plus there is my love life to think of.

You need an intact hand to hold the perfect red rose that you present when wooing your lover?

Yet another example of woman having the other hand…

The difference between losing 4 and 5 fingers isn’t much; however, the difference between $10 million and $100 million is immense.

I think I could get by in life keeping only my thumb and index finger on left hand, and thumb + index + middle on right hand. And retire ASAP with my hundred million.

It would mean an end to my piano playing, though.

In terms of utility, is it though? $10 million for me, conservatively invested, represents at least $250k per year for the rest of my life. I’d really have to invent ways to spend more than that on my own wants and needs. So the utility of the incremental $90 million to me personally is not that great. Of course, it has immense utility as money that could be given away, but I’m not sure if the OP’s intent is that we should think in those terms.