I don't want to use the throne. Can I use your seat instead?

After doing a little research, I have found that first toilet patent in American was taken out in 1857, although English made toilets had been imported since the early 19th century. By the 1890’s, American made toilets were flooding the American market and were comparable in quality to their English equivalents. By the 1930’s, indoor plumbing was finding its way into rural communities. The basic design of the bowl and basin has undergone little external change between then and now.

This brings me to my question: Have men never been able to hit the bowl? I am no sure shot but I think I can say that 95% of the time I won’t miss at all. The other 5% means that I wipe up what I spilt. And I don’t piss all over the seat either…I lift it up. Virtually every time I go to drop a deuce at work, the seat is down and someone urinated all over it. Not only that but I need hip waders to step across the floor. It is hot outside and I am in sandals. I DO NOT WANT TO STEP IN ANYONE’S URINE!! Every male in building grew up with indoor plumbing so it’s not like this is a new concept. How do they get so much on the floor? On the seat? Why pee with the seat down? Does only affect them when they pee or does it affect other areas as well? Do they cum all over the walls when making love? From what I understand about hitting targets, a longer barrel gives better accuracy. Maybe these guys are more like a sawed off shotgun than a real rifle.

Anyway, as near as I can tell, they are trying to pee on the floor.

I heard a comedian once say that when men go to take a leak, they are just happy to hit something. At the time I thought she was exaggerating but I can now see she was actually understating the issue.
I am going to start tracking who is using the bathroom before me and go do my thing on their desks.

To all the men who can’t handle their little unit, I pit you.

There might come some unintended consequences from such a logical fallacy. To avoid righteous indignation from someone you’ve falsely accused, you would have to monitor ALL bathroom visits from the time you LAST used it.

I know but…

Well, I don’t know.

In high school, I was often one of the first to arrive (I had an early class) and was occasionally at school late for various after-school activities, and would sometimes use the restrooms after the janitors had cleaned them and before others had used them.

After too many times of seeing the seats covered with urine a very short time after they had been cleaned, I became convinced that someone was carefully timing things to come in right after the cleaners and piss all over the seats.

There is a special place in hell reserved for those people.

How do you know that it wasn’t the cleaners themselves, or that they didn’t clean thoroughly?

In my case, I’ll do abit of cleaning up if I am needing to sit down. The next time I came back, the seat is pissed on again.

You playing devil’s advocate Lib or are you a bit of a sprayer yourself :wink:

So that’s what that smell is! I thought it was just liue.

leiu! Damn it, I meant leiu. :smack:

No you didn’t.

As a Melancholy, I am as meticulous about that as I am anything else.

lieu farted.