I dream about smoking all the time!

And the weird thing is: I am not a smoker, and have never smoked anything before in my life!

In previous dreams, I took up smoking for some reason, but I can’t remember, then in the following dreams I would already be an established smoker, and smoke in my dreams. What is strange, is that I don’t even know if I experience the right sensation that you would get from smoking!

In last night’s episode, my wife was a smoker too. She was telling me that our smoking habit has gotten out of control, because we are smoking over a pack a day.

I have had at least 5-6 of these dreams in the past week, at least that I can remember. I understand that some people smoke in stressful situations to try and alleviate the tension. I am a little stressed out about some real life situations right now, but I don’t think it is overwhelming. I wonder if smoking in my dreams is my brains way of telling me I need to find a way to relax?

When I was still a virgin, I frequently dreamed about having sex. Maybe it was my brain’s way of telling me I needed to get laid already…

I have dreamed about being an established smoker too…

(I also have never smoked, and I’m sure if I did it would be a miserable coughing, hacking awfulness.)

Yeah, I had plenty of those. Never had a smoking dream though – but then I started smoking when I was 17.