I Dream of Rodents with Light Brown Hair

I have had a series of dreams over the last few weeks that took an unsettling turn last night. I know dream analysis is rather silly stuff, but if anyone has any guesses as to what it all means, I would be interested to hear it. (or if you have any jokes, that would be fun, too, as it is a rather silly theme). I remember a lot of my dreams, so that fact isn’t odd in and of itself. I rarely have recurring themes, though, so that is out of the ordinary.

The setting is the house where I grew up, in the dining room. (I am now 32 and haven’t lived there since I was 14, but most of my dreams are set in that house for some reason.) We had a china cabinet that had elaborate carvings (which is actually in my house now- my parents gave me that dining set). This china cabinet has a “ledge” of sorts that connects the 4 legs about two inches off the floor that is difficult to see unless you are crouching down. It is a very bulky piece of furniture- it was made in the early 1930s, with thick ornate legs and such.

In the first dream which I had maybe a couple of weeks ago, I was walking past the china cabinet when I noticed a tiny rodent sitting up on its haunches on the surface that leads into the glass fronted storage area, eating something. It was about an inch high and looked most like a hamster or koala- it was very cute, golden brown, with perfect circles of gray splotches on the upper half of its body. It looked very much like the plastic toys that they glue fur to that you might see on a pencil instead of an eraser that they market to little girls, but it was actually alive and eating something. It didn’t seem to notice me, and I decided to do the same- ignore it, since it was so tiny and cute. There was other stuff going on in that dream that I really can’t remember anymore, but it had a mundane type feel to it, neither threatening nor pleasant.

The next time I dreamt of the tiny hamster, there was the one sitting where I had seen it the last time, but this time instead of walking past, I paused, leaned over, and looked under the cabinet, where I saw there were about 4 more sitting on the ledge thing. They stared back at me, seeming rather shocked and not knowing what to do. It bothered me a little that there were so many, but again, I chose to largely ignore them rather than disturb them and I went about my business in another mundane dream.

So last night, I dreamt that I walked past again and looked under there to see if they were still there, and this time there were about 14 of the hamster things, as well as two rodents of another species that looked rather like tiny otters, about two inches long, perfectly brown with smooth coats and large black eyes. They all stared at me without moving, that same deer in the headlights look they always had. In real life, I just bought a new purse over the weekend. In the dream, the purse I had just emptied out was sitting open in front of them on the floor. I got the feeling they were living in it, but I didn’t check. That many eyes looking back at me gave me an uneasy feeling. I finally decided to tell my parents to do something about them.

So, I told my parents. My father told me I was being ridiculous, but my mother agreed to come look. Well, I crouched down on the floor about three feet away from the ledge thing, but this time, there was only one of the otter-type ones in view. The second it saw me, it ran at me, climbed up my back, and started trying to chew on neck! I have long hair, and it couldn’t seem to get through my hair to actually hurt me. It continuously chomped on my hair. I wanted to ask my mom to help me, as she was standing right there, but I was too shocked to do anything other than try to keep my hair where it was so it couldn’t actually hurt me. It had moved so fast I didn’t think my mother had even seen it. I was so alarmed I woke up. It was about half an hour before I would normally get out of bed so I just got up.

So, anyone have any thoughts to share? What a weird series of dreams! No, I wasn’t drinking last night and I have never done drugs. I wonder if I could recruit my tiny dream hamsters to help the SDMB hamsters. They may be small, but there is strength in numbers. Either that or the otter bodyguards could be helpful in some way… :slight_smile:

SLAY THEM! Slay them ALL!


Then, dance in their blood!
A nice Polka will do. :wink:

How do you suggest I slay them? A 1920s style death ray might be too much - do you maybe suggest some poisoned pie perhaps? :wink:

It sounds to me like a subconscious idea is trying to creep into your conscious mind. (That doesn’t mean that it’s something necessarily tramatic, though.)

What we have is: The mouse is in the house you grew up in- established your identity, and personhood, etc. It didn’t notice you at first so you ignored it as a cute little thing. In other words, you didn’t see any significance to it, or think of how it might change. It’s pretty typical for kids to miss out on subtexts and lack an understanding of consequences. The way you describe them is interesting, especially the grey circles in the light brown hair. I keep thinking cheetah pattern, but I dont think that’s it.

In the next dream the mice infestation had grown, but was still contained in the cabinet. I see that you say you still have the cabinet, now in your own home.

In the most recent dream, it’s interesting that you think they inhabit an old purse you just emptied out. And that your dad ignored it, and they only got defensive when your mom got involved. And trying to chew on your neck? Hmmm…

Well, I’m not any kind of professional, but do you think it may be a sexual/female/womanhood thing? The wierd hair pattern (first sight of pubic hair can be freaky), the darker mature ones, residing in a china cabinet and later a purse, your dad ignoring it, the purse (as a feminine thing?), and the neck- well, for a lot of people that’s where the first sign of sexual activity manifests in hickeys/love bites. Like I said it’s not necessarily something tramatic, but then again, being told I was going to bleed every month was pretty tramatic!

This is just some speculation in fun, so it could all mean something totally different, or not much at all. I have had a facination for dreams and dream symbolism though, so I thought I’d jump in.

The rodents are your repressed rage.

You’ve told yourself, that the gift of the cabinet makes up for all the things your parents did, and all the ways they failed you.

Naturally you try to ignore this. It grows and grows in its hiding place. Your father is in denial of his own. You want to be honest with your mother, but you subconsciously hide your rage from her.

The otter isn’t trying to hurt you. It’s only trying to chew through your defense mechanisms (symbolized by your hair) and make itself heard.

The dreams will continue until it can chew it’s way under your skin, and make you feel the rage you’ve hidden (even from yourself) all this time.

When that day comes, you will kill your parents.


Well, at least two of us agree it sounds like a subconscious idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

I for one welcome our new rodent masters. :slight_smile:

I see. So that’s why the boards slow down. Thinks2Much has been pilfering the hamsters!

We’ll be checking your purse and pockets on your way out.

“I have no idea how those hamsters got in my purse, Officer! I certainly wasn’t stealing them. They must live in there. Yeah… That’s the ticket… They live in my purse.”

LOL! Yep, it’s all my fault. :slight_smile: But they can’t be SDMB hamsters because they have been multiplying too quickly and we would have a royal army of them here if that were the case. Although they didn’t seem to be particularly athletic ones, so many there isn’t strength in numbers after all.

AveDementia - I had wondered if there was anyone else on here who found dreams interesting. I think your guess is closer than the other guess.
There is a dream interpretation web site here dreams that is rather hokey, but better than nothing. Here is what it has to say about some of the things in my dream.

Hamster = emotional distance to prevent hurt, such as separating sex from love.
otter = happiness and good fortune, ideal enjoyment with a loved one
neck = the need to control feelings - an injury to the neck means a disagreement between heart and mind.
cabinet = metaphor for the female body
eating = represents the act of sex
purses = where we keep secrets or closely guarded information
brown = the color of materialism
gray = the color of confusion and emotional distance
circle = wholeness or completeness
the color gold (the otters were gold in color) = richness
Something being smaller than it should be = the object in question is being brushed off or treated with insignificance

I am not going to say what I make of that, but I would be interested to hear how you put all that together and see if it matches my real life situation. :slight_smile: If nothing else, it is awfully interesting that all these things seem to be following a general theme.

Y’know, I thionk those dream sites would seize up if they tried to interpret my dreams…

You look up keywords in a dictionary of sorts - it doesn’t actively do anything. What you would more likely run into is that none of the things in your dream were in the dictionary. :slight_smile:

Pure, unadulterated crap.

Any source claiming a universal meaning for any symbol is worthless.

I am actually interested in dreams. The meaning of objects and actions is a very personal thing.

For example-My most common dream self-image is a bat, or a creature that is part human and part bat. No, I am not kidding in the slightest. I once told a woman I was interested in her through a story in which I was represented as a bat. Since then, her dream image of me has bat wings and other chiropteran features, and bats are symbols of me. While Freudians, or web sites might insist that a manbat in her dreams means this or that, she and I agree it simply represents me.