REALLY Bizarre Dream I Had

I dreamed me and my wife were in some underground maze, kinda like a cellar, and we came across a guy with a bunch of cages of rabbits and other furry little animals. My wife started talking to the guy (who may have been selling the rabbits, I don’t know now) and my mind went through several weird thoughts. First I thought it would be funny to set fire to the caged rabbits with a fire spell that I knew (in the dream), then I thought I should first suck up some gasoline into my penis and squirt it on the rabbits before casting the spell, then I was wondering if it was even possible to suck fluids up into your penis and wanted to test that, so I somehow got a cupped hand full of water, dipped my penis into it, then sucked some up into it and squirted it on the rabbits, at which point I noticed the guy with the rabbits had a horrified look on his face and my wife was laughing her ass off. I then woke up.

VERY weird dream. The part that bothers me the most was the wanting to burn the caged animals - I have a lot of empathy for animals (probably more than for humans) and am really against animal cruelty, but in the dream it seemed like a fun thing to do. Then there was the whole penis squirting/slurping thing. No, I did not need to go to the bathroom when I woke up.

Anyway, this is one of the most bizarre dreams I have ever had, and thought I would share it with y’all. Anybody else have any really weird dreams lately?

I’m not even going to start analysing that. My insurance won’t cover it.

Two night ago, I had a bizarre dream. In it, my wife and I were in what I knew to be our den (although it looked nothing like our den actually does), awaiting company. The doorbell rang, and I went to the door. I opened it and found Bill Clinton and Al Gore standing there.

They came into our den and sat down, flanking my wife and me, Clinton to the right of us. I offered them alfajores (an Argentine candy I’m addicted to), and Clinton accepted one and began to munch on it. Gore, however, asked me if he could have a BLT instead.

Grumbling, I walked over to the stove (which apparently was in our den), and began heating a pan to cook the bacon in. Gore came over and asked if I could make it with ham instead. I got a slice of ham, put it into the hot pan, and it immediately stuck to the pan and began to smoke. I scraped at it with a spatula to disengage it, bitching the whole time, while Gore sheepishly stared at his shoes.

Just then, my wife unintentionally woke me up by getting out of bed to hit the bathroom, and the dream ended. Analysis, anyone?

Hey, y’know, it just struck me that, in my dream, I was actually stupid enough to leave my wife alone with BILL CLINTON!!!

Excite offered these nuggets of dream-imagery wisdom

cage The interpretation of this dream depends on both the circumstances of the dreamer and the details of the dream. A cage full of birds indicates freedom from your current anxieties. This freedom could come by way of an inheritance. Only two birds in the cage means a happy love affair, whereas an empty cage can indicate an elopement. If the door was left open, it could signify betrayal. And if you were put in the cage, you’ll be arguing with someone soon.

fire The details are important, but here is a general interpretation. If you were burned, it’s an omen of coming trouble. A house on fire means a friend will be coming to you for help. Building a fire or stirring it with a poker predicts a titillating romantic adventure. And putting out a fire means you will triumph over all obstacles.

animals Dreaming of wild animals is a good omen for business, but their attitude is important. If they were calm, it’s a good sign, but if they were fighting or attacking you, it could mean trouble. (Please see individual listings for animals.)

water Water often provides insight into your emotional state with clear, calm water being a good omen and murky or muddy water an indication of difficulties. Drinking cold water is lucky, but spilling it on anyone means you need to control your temper. Hot water is a sign of impending setbacks, but running water means you’ll be brimming with happiness for a long time to come. A waterfall indicates increasing wealth, and gently flowing water predicts contentment. If it is flowing violently, like in a flood, it is a sign of power out of control. Be careful that you are not ruined by your own pride.

[sub]Funnily enouigh it didn’t say anything about penis. I’m guessing a father fixation. (see Freud :))[/sub]

Badtz Maru: It’s difficult to interpret someone’s dream without knowing them personally, but here’s my take on it. The maze and the cages both indicate that you’re feeling trapped somehow. The rabbits are a symbol of pregnancy or children (“The rabbit died” as a reference to pregnancy tests.) You want to set them on fire, to destroy them, because the rabbits (i.e. the pregnancy/children) have trapped you - you’re in a maze/cage and can’t get out. However, you don’t burn them, you spray them with water (symbol of life) because you realize that in reality, it’s/they’re a good thing, to be nutured, not destroyed. The penis is the symbol of your power - giver of pleasure and life, while ultimately being the cause of your predicament (i.e. causing the pregnancy.)

Bear in mind I pretty much pulled this out of my ass, so if you and your wife aren’t pregnant or with children, I have no idea what any of it means.

Don’t worry about it. Dreams don’t mean a darned thing. I’ve dreamt about things I would never never even think of in waking life. In the type of dream you’re describing, your subconscious kicks out a batch of random images, and your left brain, being biased towards order, tries to assemble them into a narrative. And most of the construction of the narrative happens after you’re awake, trying to make sense of it all.

I do, however, have a standard anxiety dream, where I’m in college and have lost my class schedule, and a standard longing dream, in which I’m in a wonderful hobby shop and don’t have any money…

Weird dreams? I often dream that I’m a character in a tv series. Sometimes I dream I’m in someone else’s body, a’la Sam Beckett. If I knew who to send 'em to, some of these “Quantum Leep” dreams would make good movie material. I recall one where I was a cop partnered with a Dirty Harry sort of character who was on one last big case before retirement.

Ugh. “Quantum Leap”.

Well, as long as you asked.

I usually don’t remember much about my dreams, but Monday morning I woke up from an unusually vivid dream.

I was sitting on the floor in a carpeted room that I did not recognize.
My ex-boss, (he got ‘laid off’ 2 weeks ago), stood in the doorway and threw a lobster at me.
This was no ordinary lobster, however. This beast was the size of a German Shepherd! And Angry!
When it hit the floor one of it’s claws snapped off, but that didn’t stop it. It came for me with a vengence.
Luckily I was wearing leather gloves, and was able to catch it’s remaining claw in my left hand and pin it’s head to the floor with my right, but we had a serious wrassling match going there for a while.
Then I woke up.

I suppose this means that my subconscience(sp) thinks we, or least I, am going to be in a world of hurt without our boss, but we, or I, will be able to deal with it.
But a lobster?!?

Sorry, I meant to add that I have no idea what your dream means.

Picture a wide, deep long pit. All the walls are earth, one of the long sides has 2 big doors in it, and the opposite site has big stairs all across it, like a south american pyramid. There are people sitting on all these steps, and down in the bottom of the pit there are 2 or 3 Tyrannosaurus Rexes like from Jurassic Park. Apparently there are people down there running away from them. Most of them get high enough on the steps to escape from them, but one idiot only goes up 2 or 3 steps and breathes a sigh of relief like he thinks he’s safe (kind of like the guy who escapes from the blob at then end of creepshow 2), then the t-rex bends over and eats him. I notice that there are some more people in there running from t-rexes, and I see a big button or switch on the far side next to the doors. I run across the field and hit that switch, as if no one else ever thought of it, and the doors open and let in all this water. I’m caught in the flood, and get washed down this tunnel. Also being washed down this tunnel is Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. We don’t know what we’re going to do, getting washed down this tunnel to who knows where, when this rope ladder drops down from a hole in the ceiling ahead of us. We grab on to it and climb up, and we’re in some kind of treehouse, where a wild boy lives. Some kind of Tarzan-like kid, raised by the wolves or something. It gets kind of fuzzy here, but suddenly we are in a mansion being hunted by a swat team (black outfits and masks with flashlights on the front of their guns). I don’t remember, but somehow I escaped from them (don’t know what happened to good ol’ Pierce), and when I got out, I saw the dino pit, except it was now filled with water, and there were people sitting on the edges fishing out of it, and a couple boats out on the water with people fishing, in kind of a foggy sunset.

I thought it was weird anyway.

People with bizzare dreams worry me.

I had the kind of dream where it’s like watching a TV show like “When Animals Attack”, except it feels more out there. The reels of film were all of tigers in circuslike situations performing with household pets…
*First there’s the scene where the tiger bumps into a cat and as it’s trying to run away, the tiger takes it and rips it to shreds with its front paws while there’s some little kid watching and screaming and crying from behind the fence that her kitty is hurt.
*Then it cuts to the next scene, where this one dog is dressed up in some kind of costume and it keeps going around the tiger in a circular formation with a fence immediately behind it. The tiger is irritated and trying to keep itself untangled from the dog’s restraining ropes, but doesn’t succeed. The dog’s ropes tangle him around the tiger and against the fence. The tiger doesn’t like this, so he takes his huge jaws and bites down into the dog’s middle, shattering its spine as it goes limp in the tiger’s mouth as he shakes it around, and then there’s a woman screaming in the background.
*The last scene I remember in detail was a bunch of rabbits that accidentally ran into a tiger’s cage attempting to get away from hunters. The tiger either claws apart or chews up each of them, leaving these massacred piles of bloody fur all over his cage.
These scenes lasted for at least an hour, and they all went in semi-slow motion. I woke up with a scratchy throat, so I suspect I might’ve been yelling and such in my sleep as this all was going through my head. It’s crazy as hell, and I’m wondering what everything symbolizes.

Well, me and Mrs. Maru ARE trying to have children, in fact lately we have been trying a lot. 8^)

I have had very many strange dreams. One I mentioned on this board before is where I was hanging out in the country with a bunch of people, and somebody got killed somehow. I lit their corpse on fire with a match, and the corpse caught completely on fire and then went out in seconds, the corpse was completely charred black. Then I started eating the leg of the corpse, and it was cold and raw on the inside, with congealed lumps of sour fat. Then I woke up chewing on my pillow.

Sometimes I have really fun dreams, where I am being hunted by ninjas (a recurring theme) but I’m actually able to kill a few of them before they take me down. I also had a dream where I was in a Super Wal-Mart after some kind of nuclear holocaust, and me and some people on one side of the Wal-Mart were having a war with a bunch of the Stormtroopers from Star Wars on the other side of the Wal-Mart. It was one of those where you wake up and then go back to sleep into the same dream.

Maybe you should drink some water and urinate before going to sleep.

This is an odd one from last Monday, done in the style of the old coffee commercial.

[VO] We’ve secret replaced one of the baby pelicans in this nest with a mongoose…[/VO]

The mongoose eviscerates the baby pelicans - intestines everywhere, guts strewn over the nest, blood splattering…

[VO] Oh, my god… that’s horrible!
I would entertain any analyses, as I have NO CLUE as to what that was all about.

I recently had my most bizarre dream ever! The only way to describe it is being trapped in a weird Tim Burton movie.

I very rarely remember my dreams. However, I had one about 10 years ago that was interesting to me because during the course of the dream, I became conscious of the fact that the dream was pretty funny, and I found myself telling myself to remember the dream so I could tell it to my fiance.

A very short dream, but it takes some background to set it up. Ten years ago, I was engaged to my husband, kpm. He had a Siberian husky named Alf who was in heat. A lot of the dogs in his neighborhood were very aware of this fact, and started hanging around a lot. One in particular whom it seemed was constantly haunting his place was a Big Black Dog (probably a Shepherd/Lab mix). We didn’t know his name, so we just called him the BBD.

On the day the Persian Gulf war began in January, I got a call from kpm. He had taken Alf out for a brief walk, and came back inside to hear the news about the bombing of Iraq. Unfortunately, he was so intent on getting back inside to hear the news that he didn’t latch the door properly, and when he looked around, the door was standing wide open, and Alf had escaped. He had to give a presentation at work early that morning, so he couldn’t stay home from work to look for her, so he asked me if I could. I also had to give a presentation for my job that day, but it wasn’t until around noon, so I agreed to come and look for her.

Kpm left Alf’s leash and a box of dog treats in his mailbox for me. Not too long after I got into his neighborhood, I saw the BBD coming out from behind some bushes. (I was looking for evidence of a smile on his face, but I couldn’t tell.) So, I went into the bushes shaking the box of treats and calling Alf’s name, and she came bounding over to me.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a key to kpm’s house, and he hadn’t left me one. I put Alf in my car and drove to a convenience store. I called one of kpm’s coworkers and told him to tell kpm that I had found Alf, and that I would tie her to a tree in the back yard.

I sat with Alf for a while in the backyard, but I had to get back to my apartment to shower and get ready for my presentation, so I had to leave her alone. So, all told, Alf was alone outside for approximately 45 minutes between when she escaped and when I found her, and another 45 minutes or so between when I left her tied to the tree and when kpm got home to take her back inside.

That left us with the question: Did the BBD and/or other neighborhood dogs have time to mate with her during the time she was alone? Neither kpm nor I had any idea how long dog mating takes. kpm being the type of guy he is, he went to the library that night to research the issue. (This was before the days of Google, AltaVista, etc.) He came back and said that it said in some sources it said that the act could take as long as 30 minutes to an hour for dogs.

OK, so much for the setup; now for the dream that made me think “I’m going to have to remember this to tell kpm!” while still dreaming:

In the dream, kpm and I were taking Alf for a walk. When we got to the end of the street, we saw a couple of people walking the BBD on a leash. kpm said to them “Oh, is that your dog?” and the anonymous people replied “Yes, we call him 50 Minutes…”