Strange dreams you've had recently

I had a very strange dream last night (it’s even more bizarre that I remember so much of it). I was back in high school and our class went on a field trip, to China. I was late at night and the bus (that we drove to China on :dubious: ) stopped at a service plaza and we went to a combination church/food court to eat. Every time I went to food counter it closed (I never actually eat in my dreams), but I didn’t seem to care. Then all the chaperones disappeared and the Chinese started attacking the building. So we locked all the doors and started driving (the food court) to Poland. Then I “woke up” at home (but not my actual) home. I was apparently married to this football player I had a crush on in high school. There was something on TV about “hostages” in China trying to escape to Poland. My wallet was filled with handwritten marriage certificates instead of money and we (my “husband” & I) started arguing about Superman and why he didn’t just go rescue the hostages. Then we put socks on and I woke up for real. So anyone else care to share some bizarre dreams you’ve had recently? :smiley:

This one’s short and sweet.

Last night in my dream, I was talking to my neighbor in his front yard and elephants were flying overhead. I pointed and said,“Look! You almost never see elephants flying around here. And isn’t it peculiar that such a cumbersome animal would have that ability anyway? Hmmmm.”

That’s all.

I dreamed I was flying in a plane, over a lake somewhere, and I had no idea how I’d gotten there in the first place.

My husband has apparently been sitting in too many meetings lately. He dreamed a few nights ago that he was sitting in a 45-minute presentation on disposable plates. First they’d spend 5 minutes discussing the merits of these 3 types of disposable plate, then they’d go on to the next 3.

I think he woke up in self-defense. :smiley:

I dreamt I had run out of cat food and I got all worried and was trying to work what what I could best do for a substitute - mashing up tuna or whatever.

Of course, it lingered a bit, as dreams do, and it too a while to remember that I don’t actually have a cat.

I like the one about China and Poland and the magical 'bus and drive-able food court! Weird. Were you wakened from the dream by a person from Porlock, by any chance? :smiley:

I had this one some time ago, but it was vivid and in Technicolor.

I dreamed I was at work, and I looked out into the hallway and there was an emu there staring back at me. So I called upstairs and caught one of the county deputies at his desk and told him there was an emu in the building.

“So what do you want me to do about it?” he said, which would be a typical response for this particular deputy. I told him it couldn’t be down there, as the hallway was recorded. He told me to keep it busy while he tried to think of something.

So I went out into the hallway going, “Nice emu…good emu…” as it glared it me with its beady emu eyes. And the only thing I could think of to keep it busy was to teach it the Time Warp dance. The emu was a really fast learner and by the time the deputy came downstairs me and the emu were having a fine old time jumping to the left and stepping to the right, although the emu had a little trouble with the pelvic thrust.

I woke up before we managed to figure out how to get the emu out of the building.

Mine doesn’t compare to an emu doing the Time Warp, but…

I take a drug to combat restless leg syndrome. I participated in a drug study for the drug, and one of the listed side affects is vivid dreams. Boy have I had some! Two that I remember off-hand:

I was in the back yard of my house with several of the players from our minor league hockey team. For some reason I was trying to feed one of the players to a plant.

Another, from night before last:

Something had set off an alarm in my house. All of the lights in the house were flashing on and off, with alarms and sirens blaring at deafening levels. To turn off the alarms, I had to enter a complex code using the touchpad on my oven. This touchpad has issues and works when and if it feels like it. Every time I would try to enter the code I would screw it up and have to start over. I must have tried it at least 10 times before I woke up.

Not recently, but back when I was on the patch to quit smoking, man, did I have some vivid dreams. One that still gives me shivers…

I was watching my dog run in the yard. As she ran, bits of her feet began to break off. I hollered for her to stop, but she kept running–and more of her feet, then her legs, kept breaking off. I saw the blood (it was BRIGHT red). Heck, I could smell the blood. She was yelping in pain, but the more pain she was in, the more she kept running. I remember her tongue was flapping outside her mouth, and her eyes were wild with fear and pain. Then she ran around me and clumps of dirt began hitting me on my chest. Then I heard this low moaning sound.

I awoke with a start and realized that the clumps of dirt hitting my chest were actually my own fingers. I was shaking from the fright of the dream and my hand was draped across my chest. The low moaning sound was coming from me!

**Marlitharn, ** I CANNOT quit laughing… If my boyfriend were paying any attention to me right now, he’d think I was a loon!

I once thought of writing a book called something like “Zoloft Nights” due to my bizarre dreams. A simple one involved me grilling chicken on the front (cloth) seat of my 94 Saturn. Another had a creature that I believe was an Emu that had morphed from a badger jump through the sliding glass door at my house and jump on my chest.

Ah, Zoloft, those were the days…

I’m still laughing…

Ok I had this one a few night ago.

I was hanging out with my best friend (who I’d had a brief pseudo-relationship with- ok we just got drunk and had sex) and his girlfriend. For some reason, his girlfriend wanted us all to have sex, and she gave me a dollar to do it (ok, she’s hot, and I wouldn’t need any money to do it to her, and past experience tells me I wouldn’t need any money to do it to my best friend. But if she was trying to persuade me to have sex with them, would $1 really change my mind?! sorry, back to the regularly scheduled dream). So we all got naked and started having sex, but then she got really mad and stalked off because my best friend and I enjoyed the sex too much. So he ran off to talk to her and I’m left alone in my bed.

Suddenly my mom shows up and is hanging out in the bathroom with my cats (Yikes! hope she wasn’t there the whole time!) I see a kitten that looks like my cat Bridget, but she’s spayed so I figure I just saw her and it was a trick of the light. Well, my mom starts saying that Bridget is leaking. Yes, leaking. So, I figure maybe the spaying did not work and she’s had kittens. I find 2 kittens, but they are pretty big so they must have been born a couple of weeks ago. Then Bridget tells me (yes, talking cats) that she had the kittens a couple of weeks ago. I ask why she only had 2, and she tells me she’s eaten the others. And she proceeds to eat the last 2 kittens. I freak out and yell at her, and she regurgitates the kittens, who are totally unharmed. And then I woke up.

I believe the kitten part of the dream was inspired by the kitten fetus thread in the Pit recently.

I also used to have a recurring dream, and the villain therein was a neon orange and pink sock puppet cat. Yes, an evil neon sock puppet that looked like a cat. Nothing usually happened in these dreams except that the ENSPC would hang out in a barn and talk to me through the barn door- what are those doors called that are cut in half and each half swings independently of the other? Either way, I knew that this ENSPC was actually Satan and I was terrified. One time I had to run into a year-round Christmas store to escape it, because apparently it was repelled by Christmas ornaments.

Certainly doesn’t beat emus doing the Time Warp.

From last night: there were tropical fish and some kind of animals with heads and legs (but no bodies) in my swimming pool (I don’t have a swimming pool). The water kept draining out and refilling and the fish were slowly decreasing in number (no telling what happened to the animal-head creatures) and I was going to rescue the fish but somehow didn’t get around to it.

I also had a dream recently where people were acting irrationally on a train and I realized I was dreaming. There was an annoying Brit passenger and I told him in no uncertain terms that I was dreaming and he didn’t exist - but he just smirked at me.

The nerve of some people…

OH! I totally forgot about my string of zombie dreams! I no longer have scary dreams. I used to have so many nightmares in my youth I think I exhausted the font of scary dreams. So dreams that sound terrifying are actually fun.

I was at a friend’s house at some party, and suddenly we were inundated with zombies. I ran onto the screened-in back porch and locked the back door (from the outside?) so they couldn’t get out. It was a glass door, though, so I could see them. And they finally figured out they could break through the glass so they finally got out onto the porch where I was. I had an axe, somehow, and started hitting zombies in the head with it. And it was vivid, squishy blood ‘n’ bits flying everywhere, thwack-squirt noises each time I hit a zombie in the head. It was like having my own personal zombie flick in my head (my favorite type of horror movie). And finally, all the zombies are dead, and a friend turns to me and says, “Well, Sam, another day, another dollar.” And then I woke up.

Last night, I dreamt about being at my aunt Kay’s house. There were living quarters in her basement - but only in my dream; IRL it was a small, unfinished place to put the furnace and laundry room. Anyway, there were more and more rooms in the basement, that gave way to entirely different living quarters and bedrooms and kitchens, with more attached to those. One room was full of guitars and Fender amplifiers and effects boxes and circuit boards all over the place. Whoever I was with started making a noise on one, and somebody (a cousin?) came barrelling out of a bedroom, dressed in a dark gray winter coat with the hood up, his face invisible inside the fur collar, and was upset at being awoken (I think). The hood of the coat was making mouth movements. And then I woke up. I wasn’t on any substances, honest!

Last week I had a very vivid dream of a city perched on top of a waterfall: the city in question
was basically built on a rather tall flat topped mesa. I couldn’t figure out how they got the water
up there (massive pumps? Huge tunnel leading from a distant lake at a higher elevation?), but
the huge cascades of water flowing out from between buildings were very beautiful.

Oh, I had a fun dream last night.

For the first part of it I was in a scene of 24. I was working with Jack Bauer trying to thwart a terrorist plot. We went to this one house, Jack did his thing, and we got the name and location of another person. We go there, and I took over for Jack. So me and another partner start flanking the house. We soon see that all the doors are open. This house has 2 doors on the side, 2 in front, and 2 in back, so we are wondering what to do. Then I suddenly see flashes from inside one of the doors. I sneak quietly to the door and look inside. I see an Asian girl, younger than myself, smiling for pictures she was taking of herself. Suddenly, I hear some one come out one of the back doors. Out comes this ~10 year old skinny Mexican carrying 4 remote controls. He speaks something unintelligible and hands me the remote controls.

I then transport to a house I have never seen before that contains 3 of my mother’s friends, as well as 2 young kids upstairs. Now this is where it gets interesting, as I soon have an out of body experience and see Michael Myers (from Halloween fame) enter the front door and go upstairs to where the two young kids are playing. The kids see Michael and begin to praise him. The younger boy puts on a mask and talks about he always wanted to be him. Well, Michael chops the kids head off, but the kid is still talking praise…as a head on the floor. Back to my own body, I soon see that one of the remote controls is in a plastic cover kinda thing that contours to remote but which I cannot figure out how to open. Well, I am soon in touch with Jack again who tells me what I need to do to open it. I get it open, and figure out that it belongs to one of my mother’s friends. So I figure out that she must be a terrorist and begin thinking of what to do with her. About this time, some cops show up to investigate the whole Michael Myers thing. I don’t know how, but suddenly, I am in a double bed (think the bed from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) with them. They are on one side, and I am on the other with an attractive lady. There is a sheet covering us from the shoulders down. We look over at the attractive lady, she has a look of terror in her eyes, and we take off the sheet. She has a huge gash in her chest and it is apparent that she is dead.

I then remember about the remote control I recently opened. I look down at it and see this weird icon near the middle. I press it, and the icon emits through the control and floats towards one of the officers. When it reaches him, he disappears and I see the interface from my TV where he just was and it says “You’re fired” in the upper left hand corner. I remember thinking that this was pretty cool, and then I woke up.

A bit better than the night before when I looked outside my window and saw a chainsaw wielding, bag on the head with eye holes cut out wearing, monster. (I am on the 8th floor by the way.) Luckily that didn’t amount to much…

I’ve been on a Jackie Chan Kung Fu Movie Marathon lately and he’s been appearing in my dreams. Jackie Chan…yeah…
Dreams that are like mini kung fu movies with a slightly wonky plot ( Like plot matters), feint music and dialog. Oh and some kung fu goodness.
I would like to thank Melatonin for these great nights as of late.

I’ve been having a bunch of animal-related dreams lately. These happened in the space of about two weeks.

First was a dream that I was on a boat and we were catching fish in nets. One of the nets brought up a dolphin and the ship’s crew began torturing it–slicing it open, cutting out its eyes. I was helpless to do anything, and I was horrified by its squeals.

Next I dreamt that my in-laws’ cat was in our backyard, trying to get a huge black and white woodpecker out of the tree. The bird was fighting back, but Tigger managed to hook it out of the tree and start eating it. Once again, I was horrified, but I couldn’t get out in time to help the bird.

Then I was at an art gallery with my boss and we were looking at paintings of bees. (Still animal-related?)

Then Mr. m and I got a bowl of fish as a gift from someone (angel fish that looked like goldfish), and one of our cats ate them. Once again, I couldn’t get there in time to save the fish.

And finally, a dream that didn’t involved dying animals. We were in the car and had a newly-adopted dog and kitten with us. They were sitting happily on the front seat and we were excited to take them home.

oh man, I could go on for days with this thread.

One of the wackiest was a long time ago, apparently (in this dream) my family had a legend of some terrible specter that would occasionally appear in the window of the attic of our house (now, we do have an attic, though it looks nothing like the one in the dream), and put, I believe it was certain males, or some generational gap of males, in to a deep coma for a long period of time. Now, stupidly enough, what do I do but go up in to the attic and…lo and behold, a BRIGHT PINK flaming skeleton riding a similar bright pink flaming horse in mid air was up there. I’m not even sure how to adequately convey the incredible bizareness of a skeletal knight (whose bones were bright pink as well) completely surrounded by bright pink flames…suffice to say it was bizarre. So, I fell in to a coma, but my being the hero of the story, nearly immediately recovered, and went downstairs like nothing had happened. This apparently pissed off said bright pink specter, who, when I went outside to run an errand, proceeded to chase me to my car (and suddenly a couple of friends were with me). Somehow (my brain gave me a conveinant plot hole) we had escaped the specter (though it was still nearby in all its bright pink flaming glory) who was now searching for us.

So then suddenly we decided to go play laser tag on the moon :dubious:
then I woke up