I dreamt of my mother's dying days this morning

And in the dream, she wasn’t as weak as she was when she really died but the tough woman I have always known. Also, I had to make all of the last rites arrangements; for some reason my dad wasn’t around.

It freaked me out. The anniversary of my mom’s death is now less than two months away, so it might be related, or it might be just my brain coughing things up.

Either way, I feel the need to tell you guys about it. :frowning:

Get used to it, and like it, Anaamika. (I HOPE you will/do anyway).

I am 61 and still dream of both my parents (both at the the same time, because I loved them so much in real life, I think) from time to time, and it ALWAYS is a very wonderful visit and more often than not, a problem is solved.

Please don’t be freaked out, okay, and thanks for sharing this with me!:slight_smile:


Thank you. Though the relationship with my mother was way more complicated. I can’t say I didn’t love her, or that she didn’t love me, but she was never very impressed with me and certainly not proud of me or anything.

I don’t miss my mom so much as the fact that all possibility of reconciliation is now gone forever. And I am going to grow ever older without the benefit of a mother’s wisdom, just as I came to womanhood without her wisdom.

It doesn’t matter how complicated it may or may not have been, my dear friend. It matters only that both sides are now unfettered and can speak to each other freely.

You will see your mother and experience her wisdom over and over again.

I am convinced of it, and so should you be.

She is smiling upon you even now. I don’t know HOW I know, I just know that I do.

Smile back when you see her again.



You seem to me to have ended up wise enough, the road was bumpier than would have been ideal but it’s taken you to a good spot. Was that a Hallmark line or what?

I’ve had dreams where what told me I was dreaming was seeing Dad around; not as unnerving as yours, though.

All I have to offer are hugs

And I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

I have similar dreams every so often, for some reason.

Sorry for your loss, and that you won’t have the chance to make your relationship less complicated.