You ever dream about dead people?

Last night I had a very vivid dream about my dad who died in 2006.

Since I’m off work for the week my sleeping habits are out the window. I usually dream more lucidly after going back to sleep and that’s what happened last night.

Suddenly I was talking to my dad, and then it struck me, he was supposed to be dead. I remember asking him about it, but he was elusive. Then I recall hugging him like I’ve never hugged anyone in my life. I told him how much I missed him, how much I loved him, and although I knew he was dead he was there, right in front of me as his usual self.

My younger brother then indicated that he needed my dad’s help with something outside. On the way I questioned my dad again regarding the fact that he was supposed to be dead. He pointed to a small shrub and asked me to retrieve a piece of paper that he put there, under the soil. I dug in with my hands and sure enough, there was a note from him, in his distinctive handwriting. I started to read the note and just choked up with emotions; I don’t really remember what it said, and at that moment I woke up.

I was emotionally drained. On one hand, I honestly felt like I just spent some time with dad, and that pleased me. On the other hand I realized it was all a dream and I’ll never spend time with dad ever again.

It was so real. He was with me. I hugged him and we talked. Wow. Typing this is tough.

Anyone else have any similar dreams?

My father also passed away in 2006. I don’t dream about him every night but it is so common as to be not worth mentioning. Usually at some point in the dream I realise he is dead and this is just a dream. Most of the dreams are somewhat pleasant, some of them leave me waking full of sorrow. I also occasionally dream about my friend who died, very young, in 1999, and more mundane I suppose, pet dogs I’ve had. Sometimes all three.

Oh yes. My dad passed a while ago. Couple years ago I was thinking (in a dream), I should call Dad, I havent talked to him in a while … And my Dad answered me in my dream and said, *“Im always here, you can talk to me anytime Sweetie.” * I still cry when I think of it.

I think this is pretty common. I do it all the time.

Nothing unusual. My grandmother (1958), Father (1992), Mother (1993) and wife (2007) all appear from time to time. They are quite welcome as long as they behave, which so far they all do.

I rarely dream about dead people, or even people that I know. The major exception is my best friend from early childhood, who was killed by a drunk driver a month after my family moved away from his neighborhood. I was never told about it until many years later – in fact, I was never told directly, I discovered the truth by accident. Anyway…

The most memorable recent dream about this friend (let’s call him Aaron) was a few years ago when I went to the dentist for oral surgery. During the operation, I dreamt about lying in a field of tall grass next to Aaron, just talking about random stuff that I don’t even remember. It was one of those dreams where you forget that you are dreaming or that your real life actually exists. Towards the end, Aaron looked up at the sky and I saw blood dripping from his mouth…and the next thing I knew the dentist’s assistant was speaking my name and I woke up.

Dreams like that make me wonder if there really is an afterlife. There probably isn’t, but it would be nice if there was one.

Yeah, I’ve had dreams about my mom and my dad over the years. What I don’t understand is why Frank Sinatra shows up in bookstores in my dreams three or four times a year.

Like you, dreams like this tend to happen when my sleep schedule is off. That’s when dreams about my late brother (passed in 1999) or my late SO (passed in 2008) usually occur.

Sometimes it’s comforting and other times emotionally draining.

A post about my dead dog.

warning–not a happy one.

Yes, regularly – my mom and dad, my grandmother, the younger of my two brothers, although, oddly, neither my older brother nor oldest sister, who are dead as well.

Usually in the dreams, I know they’re dead, they know they’re dead and will have to go “back” eventually, but while they’re there, it’s nice.

My mom and dad are dead, and I dream about them every so often. They are never together in my dreams. My mom is always with my sister (who is alive). They don’t talk in my dreams. The saddest dream I ever had was about hugging my dad so hard and telling him how much I missed him. It’s the only time I ever woke up crying.

Just last night, actually. Dreamt about my dad (d. 2001) and mom (d. 2010) and living at home with them still. Actually, the dream was mostly about pizza, and the getting thereof, but they were in it.

My parents and grandparents are gone. I think about them and dream about them often.

I wanted so much for them to see their grandchildren grow up. There’s 9 of them, so they’d be covered up with pictures, videos, drawings and whatnot. I guess because of this, most of my thoughts involving them are sad instead of happy.

I’ve seen my maternal grandfather in my dreams several times after his death, and I think my grandmother once (though she died more recently, so I haven’t had as much of a chance). Twice it was because the dream involved time travel, but the other times it was just “Wait, I thought he was dead… Huh, I must have been mistaken”.

One of my mom’s old cats also occasionally shows up in my dreams, though I’m not sure why it’s that cat specifically, not any of the others or any of the dogs. Maybe it’s just because she had such a strong force of personality.

When I think about my wife, it’s when I’m mulling over a memory or a issue that has a vestigal legacy. A deliberate experience.

When I dream about her, she shows up on her own, acts and speaks autonomously, like dreams are wont to do.

And that’s fine. Some things are important to try and figure out, but also important not to.

I had a very strange dream a few weeks ago on the first anniversary of my dad’s death. It was a sunny day and we were riding somewhere on a wagon with both his parents. My dad was very sick for almost 10 years before he died and only had me, his son in my 20s doing my best to take care of him. So I was angry with my grandparents for coming back now from wherever they had been, instead of sooner while he was so sick and needed help.

While dreaming I’m pretty sure I thought they had moved away for retirement or something but it was pretty disturbing when I woke up and realized that, of course, my dad didn’t have his parents with him at the end of his life because they had already died. It made me wish I could go back and apologize for being cross with them.

Not a human, but I occasionally dream in the same way about my bud (cat) Little Guy, who died in 2006 at age 20. I know he’s dead, but I am so happy to see him again.

Yes, both my parents appear in dreams from time to time. It’s never been anything profound, just everyday things that I remember, like they’ve never left.

Yeah, I had 2 very close friends who were lost at way too early an age. Sometimes when I’m feeling particularly lonely I dream of them and I feel comforted. We have talks and laugh like the old days.
I feel like they’re keeping my company when I hit a rough patch. Sounds odd doesn’t it?

I dream of my favorite cat often. He died in 2004. The dreams are always wonderful since I get to hold him again and smell his fur. He always smelled really good, like a combination of cookies and cut grass.