I dress funny

According to what I see on TV and other media, my attire of choice should be an oversized, plaid/patterned shirt worn untucked and unbuttoned over a t-shirt.

It seems like the vast majority of men near my age are portrayed wearing this combination.

I don’t dress like that.

I don’t know anyone personally who dresses like that on a regular basis.

I have no compelling desire to dress like that.

What’s wrong with me? :frowning:

Well, I should be wearing a skirt up to my . . . well, a very short skirt, and huge clunky '70s shoes that look like Volkswagens with ankle straps.

It looks like you and I are just too smart to be suckered in. Like Lillian Gish said, “if you’re never IN style, you can never become OUT of style.”

Flora - ain’t it the truth! I had to get a pair of dress shoes for an important meeting I was hostessing. Picture this.

Walk into Payless, look at shoes. Find a gazillion pairs. At SO’s urging, try on a pair of those stupid platform shoes. Take two steps, fall. Throw platform shoes at SO - tell him “he likes em so much HE can wear em” and buy decent pair of pumps.

God, I was so happy when those went out of style…do some of these kids wearing these realize how STUPID they look trying to walk or, god forbid, RUN in those things?

It gets scarier every year…

The problem is not what you wear, it’s what you watch. That damn TV will rot your mind!!

I hated those damn things in the '70s and I hate 'em now. And here in New York, it’s almost all you can find! I guess it’s as bad elsewhere, but you’d THINK New York would have a wider selection?

I finally found some nice flats (for walking to work) and some nice tapered 2" heels (for the office) at Lord & Taylor’s. Paid a fortune and spent weeks looking for them–and New York eats shoes. They’re almost worn to the nubbins already.

Platforms have their place in my closet… course, I’ve only worn them once…

I’m a chameleon, my closet is filled with clothes of all different styles. Thing is, I don’t wear them the way I’m “supposed” to.

Instead of putting together clothes of the same styles, I just put together clothes that coordinate. If that means an ugly seventies disco shirt with plain ol’ all-purpose bibbies, so much the better.

At least I know I’m not just another face.

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Divemaster, a plaid shirt worn unbuttoned over a t-shirt is not going to give you the sort of protection you need, let alone keep you upright.

Might I recommend the 20-pound lead-soled shoes? And perhaps a 60-pound weighted belt? A rubberized full-body suit? And a great big copper helmet with reinforced face plates?


I am anti-fashion man!

Jeans, black tee-shirts and one pair of sneakers.

Rinse and repeat.

Yer pal,

Does anyone else think that Diver should be a little more respectful of the Divemaster??

Frankie -Who doesnt mind cracking himself up!

Jeans, t-shirt, and hiking boots. I do a lot of walking.

My t-shirt says “Your village called-- their idiot is missing.”

Jeans are a bit loose in the legs, but nobody makes them fit right anymore.
– Sylence

“The problem with reality is the lack of background music.” – Anon

I knew a girl who broke her ankle dancing on Quaaludes in platform shoes. Twice. Same shoes.

Back in band days, the group image was much discussed. Had Alice Cooper and the NY Dolls to worry about, so we tried one glitter gig. Everybody hated it. Good.

But the damned platforms got adopted. I couldn’t play worth a hoot wearing them; made it very hard to get the action on the bass and hi-hat pedals. I finally got a special dispensation from the band because nobody could see my feet anyway.

divemaster wrote:

The style you refer to is what I call the grungenik look. It was ubiquitous on campus a few years ago, and when I would make a snyde comment about its fashionability, the grungeniks would invariably claim that they had been dressing this way all their lives. Yet, I have been amused to notice, it has all but disappeared lately as grunge rock has fallen out of the record charts.

In my home town, you literally could not find a pair of jeans that would fit. They were all, 100% of them, baggy or flared. And being a skinny lad, big jeans look like Clown Clothes on me, and don’t fit round my hips anyway.

I literally had to wait a year until I came to Australia before I could find a shop that sold jeans that look right on me.

And then there are the tops with the vertical stripes, or the jumpers that have the horizontal stripes. For those, like me, that did not want clothes like that, I was shit out of luck.

I hate dated clothing, yet they insist on supplying the world with this crap. Who decides what’s gonna be the new trend, anyway? And why do so many people jump on the bandwagon??

“Waheeey! ‘Duck!’ Get it?”
“Errr… No…”
“Duck! Sounds almost exactly like fu-”

My theory is that people do not admit to themselves that they are jumping on the bandwagon, but are influenced by their peers in subtle ways. I think you have to be self-conscious about style to resist unconscious pressure.

I just want it to be crystal clear that no man on this planet gives a flying fuck if you wear those silly moonboots. The only people who notice and compliment your taste in shoes is some catty broad who just bought the same pair. Women pressure women to wear silly clothes. The only thing a man will care that you wear is a thong, and occasionally go braless.

(The comments above neglect the foot fetishists, but there are guys who will ask you to wear a diaper too, so I don’t really think it applies)

      • I dunno about every man, but mostly I agree - men will say they like your outfit, but they are likely looking at the parts of your body that your clothes don’t cover. - MC

Fashions take over the stores every fall. Once I was looking for a birthday present for my wife.I looked at mall stores. One store that used to have lots of casual stuff for men and women now only had stuff you could were if you were high school age.

I had a hard time finding men’s pant that didn’t have pleats at the top. It looked like the old farts department. Department stores will do that. I need to go to a discount store?


Another good thing about the military.

I can get dressed before I have my first cup of coffee in the morning 'cause I’ve worn uniforms nearly every day of my life for the last 17 years. There is no thought process.
Working khaki, CNT khaki, service dress blue, choker whites, working blues, working whites, dinner dress blue and on ad infinitum.
I wore a Dead tie-dye and shorts w/sneaks this weekend – very sixties. I received complements (I think) on still being able to “pull that look off.” I know it’s a funny look, but hey, it’s my silly look.

And it’s comfortable, which is the only thing that matters to guys anyway.

Going back to the OP and the first few replies, I think the “look” divemaster’s seeing on the tube is supposed to denote that the characters wearing them are hip, nonconformist types (as opposed to the coat-and-tie guys), or possibly that they’re arrested adolescents. See SEINFELD, to which either theory applies.

The plunging necklines and postage stamp-sized skirts worn by the women on these same programs is a device to attract the 14-94 male demographic. I think it works, because I don’t recall what any of the men are wearing on any program.