I dress funny

As always, my children, Joan Crawford holds all the anaswers to life.

In her book My Way of Life, she suggested that you have a friend (or an enemy) follow you around and photograph you from all angles, while you are wearing your everyday clothes, hairstyle and makeup. We really don’t “see” ourselves when we look in the mirror, and our body type changes every ten years or so. So you really do get a shock of recognition when you look at your own candid photos–“Omigod, my high school hairdo no longer looks that great!” “Yikes, what was I thinking with those cut-offs?” etc.

Joan Knows All, Tells All . . .

…and No Wire Hangers.

‘How do I look?’
‘Are you sure?’
‘Yes, can we go, we’re late’
‘You don’t prefer the blue one?’
‘You look perfect’
'You didn’t like the blue one???"
‘I like them both, you look beautiful, can we please, please leave’
‘You’re just saying that, what do you really think?’
…i mean, is there ANYTHING you can say in this situation???


On me:

I have a stack of tee shirts, and a stack of jeans. I have an entire drawer of precisely identical socks, and underwear. I have three pairs of identical shoes, one new in the box, one almost barefoot in the soles. (They were on sale, man.)

I get dressed in the dark. Really.

On other men:

Never notice at all, unless his Tee shirt says “Fuck you, Tris!” His ten thousand dollar Brooks Brothers suit looks damned uncomfortable to me, but, I ain’t gonna wear it, so I don’t care.

On women:

If you are wearing clothes you chose because you wanted to look hot, you probably look hot. It’s the wanting to that makes the difference, not the clothes. I won’t bust your bubble, but the outfit doesn’t matter at all.

As might be obvious, I have no one who must be pleased by my clothers other than myself.

<p align=“center”>Tris</p>


What a man wants in clothes - provide sufficient warmth and cover the floppy parts.

My “wardrobe” includes:

Work clothes - Polo style shirt (various colors and designs), khaki pants (blue, blue/green, white, or beige), dark socks (keep only one style and color for easy matching), and docksiders.

Casual clothes - Same shirts as above. Shorts in summer, same khakis in winter, white socks (if necessary), and tennies.

Dressing is sooooo easy.

The overwhelming majority of people have more than the average (mean) number of legs. – E. Grebenik

Frankie said:

Does anyone else think that Diver should be a little more respectful of the Divemaster??

I didn’t mean to be disrespectful, was just offering a helpful hint. So to speak…

android - no, there is no correct answer to that question.

Well…you asked… :wink:

Apparently all the tormentors from you’re past were correct.
“…and you’re mother dresses you funny.”

“The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.” - Humphrey Bogart

Dammit, one of bj(zero)rn’s apostrophes slipped into my last post. Off to the pit to find that little bastard.

“The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.” - Humphrey Bogart