I Experienced Technical Difficulties

Over the weekend it was decided (not by me, by the way) it would be a good idea to reload the hard drive or something on the computer. I’m not 100% sure why, but now everything’s all better. And by “all better” I mean it seems to be working right now.

Now, the good thing about using a Mac is that they give you these two Assistants, Bernice and Phaedra, to help you set up your machine. Easy-peasy. They ask you a bunch of questions and you tell them what you want and everything is Jake. The bad thing is they don’t tell you about them and if you snub your Assistants you’re screwed.

Yeah, you could go through all the “Preference” files and fill them all in and you think you’ve got it all because you checked them over three and four times, but when you hit the “Go” button the computer just sits there and looks at you. This is the antithesis of “easy-peasy”. What “sad” is to “happy”, this is to “easy-peasy”. I think it’s something along the lines of “like you’ve been attacked by irritable wild weasels or maybe stoats if I really knew what a “stoat” was that have just gone on the Atkins Diet and now have a big ol’ hankerin’ for meat and have settled on your ass as the Main Course”. Only that’s too long. So maybe it’s not what I was going after.

Anyway, Bernice is supposed to set up your computer just the way you want it. All the colors and beeps and screens and stuff, that’s Bernice’s bailiwick. Phaedra does all the “on-line” stuff. Like sets up calling up your Service Provider and telling them you’d like to be on-line for a while and just makes everything swell. Only if you snub her and try to do all this yourself, you’ll get about… NOWHERE!

“Hello,” you say. “I’d like to get on-line now!”
And nothing happens. You click some buttons and search through the Control Panels and then you say “HELLO!” and Phaedra, when she gets around to it says “Huh?” and then you tell her you want to go on-line and she says you can’t because you haven’t filled out all the right fields and you say you did because you distinctly remember doing them over and over to make sure you got it right and then she implies you’re on Crack. It’s loads of fun. Then, if you’re smart, you ask Phaedra what she wants to make everything all better and she gives you a list of fields to fill out which are just like the fields you’ve filled out three and four times, but you fill them out one more time and POOF! everything works. Like I said, easy-peasy.

(Phaedra’s a big bitch. But don’t tell her I said that.)

So now, as far as I know, everything’s fine. Only it’s Tuesday instead of Monday, so my whole week is going to be off. But that’s not your problem, is it?

Also, when your dog has a seizure, it’s VERY IMPORTANT you call me RIGHT AWAY. It’s what I’m here for. I’ll listen to you go on and on and then, with huge globs of sympathy, say “yup, that’s a seizure”. It’ll make everyone feel much better.

Well, my dog didn’t have a seizure, but I only got about 5 hours of sleep last night - is that worth any sympathy? My hands are really dry, too - will that get me something? And I forgot my watch and the pledge drive started on my local public radio station so I have to listen to my coworkers instead of mentally stimulating and informative programming.

Is that worth a hug and maybe a little glob of sympathy? Just a little glob? <insert pathetic smiley here>

So, we’re going for huge globs of sympathy this week?

How bout one for yesterday when I kept lookin’ for the MMP and it never showed up? I know it’s all the fault of Bernice, Phaedra, and some weasels (or was it stoats) on Atkins, but still I kept coming in to MPSIMS and no MMP. <sniff> Actually, I just thought that since yesterday was a 'Merikin federal holiday (Columbus Day for those who want to know) Rue just decided to slack. Well, I had to work and work is no fun without a MMP.

If that don’t work, how bout a glob of sympathy for the fact that I had to go through an accreditation review last week? (Well, actually only three days of last week but it felt like a year.) Three people hounded me with questions, made me look up information, argued with me over questions concerning standards and just in general pestered all heck out of me. Feeling any globs of sympathy yet Rue?

How bout cause I lost six games of Yahtzee [sup]TM[/sup] Saturday night? Yep, that was my big Saturday night. Friends came over, we grilled steaks and played Yahtzee [sup]TM[/sup] til almost midnight. Hmm… the fact that my big Saturday night consisted of Yahtzee[sup]TM[/sup] oughta be enough to get a glob of sympathy.

FCM A public radio pledge drive. EWWWW It ain’t a Rue glob of sympathy but will it do?

Well, swampy, considering we have a history of sorts ;), I’d say that will do in a pinch. Incidentally, I took my Perfect Child[sup]TM[/sup] to Whitey’s last week and I ordered the scallops but they weren’t near as good as when you and I went. There was no seasoning at all!! 'Twas a bummer.

Do I need to come down to Whitey’s and have a talk? Icky scallops are absolutely unacceptable! And here I was telling a friend just this weekend about how good they were. Humph!

I got my second night of real sleep since Mr. Lissar got bronchitis! I only got woken up at 4:00, 5:30, and 7:00! I’m so happy. The kitten almost didn’t run back and forth across my face at all. Good girl.

Canadian Thanksgiving was yesterday, so I think I’ll buy a discount turkey tomorrow. They should be on sale by tomorrow, and that (having more turkey) will make Mr. Lissar very happy. Maybe he’ll even stop coughing. Whine.

There sits Fairy Chat Mom, winking away at both of her little lust machines and thinking to herself “I’ve got them both in a thread together and they’re all MINE!”


No sick little scallop lust stories fro youg uys, because now there’s a witness. Of course, I can be bribed.

Hey Rue. This Phaedra chick. Is she hot?

Good to see Lissla’s on the case with me.

“Sick scallop lust”? No, that’s just wrong on so many levels.

But now I’ve got three of my lust machines in a thread together. Now, where’s Ex?

I have no lust for sick scallops. Now, a big, burly man offering me scallops, well, that’d be lust! :smiley:

I guess no globs of sympathy from Rue are forthcoming.

Maybe he’s experiencing more technical difficulties.

Maybe he’s out of the glob-sized sympathy.

Bah! I have you all on the sympathy scale! :wink:

We got to bring the little one home Sunday evening! :smiley:

But he eats every 2 - 2 1/2 hours around the clock! :eek:

And I have a lovely incision in my belly from that whole emergency C section thing that is still pretty uncomfortable when I am in motion. :frowning:

And my poor feet are still swollen from too much fluid so when I step they stretch and hurt too. :frowning:

Luckily the munchkin girl seems to like her little brother now that he is out of the hospital environment! :slight_smile:

However she has become the little commentator which, while cute, is a bit odd. ‘Baby crying, baby eating, changing baby…’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and if sleep deprivation and pain and holidays hadn’t messed up my grasp of what day of the week it was there was no MMP to help put me back on track! This whole TMP thing is unacceptable! :cool:

And on topic with the technical difficulties portion of our thread. I am merrily milking myself early this morning (when no human should be awake) and browsing the SDMB to keep myself from falling asleep and spilling milk everywhere when our internet connection goes down and stays down through the next feeding/milking cycle! :mad:

And I can’t believe our wonderful host uses a mac! :smack: :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone needs huge globs of sympathy, it’s me. I worked 86 hours over six days last week(Monday to Saturday, but only 6 of them were on Sat. Is it more impressive to say 80 hours Mon to Fri, or 86 Mon to Sat? I’ll think about it and get back to you). Then, when I finally got to hang out at my apartment on Sunday, both of the cats pretended not to know me. It was sad, but at least there were no seizures.

I BBQed some scallops last night. I don’t like the things, but the GF eats 'em right up. I made some kabobs with onions, peppers, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and scallops. I dusted some with a little cajun powder, and the others got a dill-based marinade. They sure smelled good, but I don’t dig on the shellfish, so I didn’t have any. I had a steak (no yahtzee, though).

Oh yeah. Definitely. In a gap-toothed, squinty-eyed, frizzy-hair kinda way.

Right now I have all the globs of sympathy you could ever want. Of course it’s all froze up in old Cool Whip containers in the freezer in the garage. So it might take a while for me to go get them and thaw out the appropriate globs for the apropriate sympathyness. Although I have to say tanook’ is ahead. But only because she’s a born-again mother. Or something like that. But she was talking about boobies and that always moves you up in line.

Hey. You know what else I have froze in my freezer? Although it’s the regular freezer above the refrigerator in the kitchen. A loaf of fruitcake. Since Christmas. (Just the last one.) I’m thinking of thawing it out and seeing if it’s still good. I do love me my fruitcake.
-Rue. (on a new browser, can you tell?)

Okay–I can’t compete with tanookie for sympathy, so if my sad story engenders feeling of sympathy in any reader, send it her way. And Lissla’s, because the only thing worse than having bronchitis is sleeping with someone with bronchitis.

However, if I lose my job, it’s Rue’s fault, computer problems notwithstanding. See, I rely on the MMP to keep me on task, and without it, I wasted all of yesterday and got no work done. The MMP, with it’s witty give and take, it’s predictibly unpredictible twists and turns in subject matter, the drama, the pathos, the flirting, it’s interconnectedness with the primary forces of the universe, it is this MMP that keeps me centered within my own little piece of reality.

In other words, I bribe myself, using the MMP as the reward, to keep myself working. Yep, every time I accomplish something, I get to take a quick look to see if anything new has been posted. Because it did not exist yesterday, I had no reward, and thus was unmotivated to do anything. So if I get fired, it’s your fault.

And a stoat is just a weasal with a fancy British name.

I thought “Chauncey” was a fancy British name.

First off, woohoo!!! Baby Paranookie is home! And 'nookie deserves big blobs of sympathy (frozen or unfrozen) for the whole sleep deprived, swollen feet, new baby poopie diaper thingy.

All this talk about scallops and I get to eat meatloaf for dinner. Oh well, at least I get me some mac and cheese (real homemade kind) to go with it.

Oh and here’s one more ploy for a blob of sympathy. I wanted to go the Georgia National Fair (that’s the state fair but Georgia got all uppity and named it national) last Saturday but couldn’t because it rained. wah! wah! wah! Is that pitiful?

What? In Georgia they cancel the Fair when it rains? You all gonna melt if you get wet? In Oregon, we’re not scared of a little bit of water falling from the sky.

And Cholmondeley is a fancy British name. Chauncey is just an affectation.

A stoat is a weasal in its brown fur stage. An ermine is a weasal in its white fur stage. So a stoat is also an ermine in its brown fur stage. A fat stoat is a stout stoat. And the heavy dark beer that he drinks is a stout stoat’s stout. I doubt that any stoats eat sick scallops.

First, tanookie, congrats all around! Wonderful news, and definite grist for the old story mill.

Second, Rue, you had us all sick with worry and you think you can come in and make it up with some story about Mac support? Ha!

What’s this on scallops?

And Kallessa a shoat is a young, weaned pig. So if the stoat had a young weaned pig that fetched his dark heavy beer, it would be a stout stoat’s stout shoat. Of course, you’re wondering, how would a shoat learn to do a task like that? By rote, of course.