I farted and my laptop fan came on

The laptop is actually sitting in my lap. I’ve heard that computers are becoming more sentient, but this is ridiculous. And a bit creepy.

I congratulate you on what must have been a truly epic fart.

Sounds like a good place for a StickUp. Hope you didnt melt anything.

Perhaps the funniest thing I have heard this week!

That’s nothing. I once prompted a pop-up that read “Hey! Can we get a courtesy flush?”

Good first effort. Now try to set off the smoke alarm.

I used to have a CO detector under my dining room table (up against a wall) and a couple times I was sitting there and had a toot and the detector went off.

I got rid of it.

SMOKE, I said.

it is supposed to alarm when deadly gas is detected.

Even the cat gave me a dirty look, got up and left the room. :frowning:

Wow! Just wow! :eek:

I laughed.

I’m still laughing.

My gf said that one time they were getting ready in the morning and she farted and her daughter called out “What?”

Maybe soon your laptop will work on sound recognition alone.

At least I didn’t get an “ERROR 3194” message on the screen, cuz that would have really freaked me out.

You know it’s a bad fart when your PC opens Windows.

Every time I see this thread title I laugh.

Well crafted, sir.

YOU are seriously talented! :smiley:

That is bad… my cat could clear the room with his farts when he was a kitten. :eek:

Ah, that’s your goal? A man should have something to strive for. Good luck in your endeavor. :slight_smile:

My wife asked me if I got a pop-up ad for Gas-X.