I Feel As If The Families Of Some Of These Jan 6 Rioters Are Playing A Dangerous Game

The (adult) children of Guy Reffitt, who’s been sentenced to seven years for his role, are speaking out.

I feel like they’re playing an extremely dangerous game here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for justice, and I commend the guy’s son for turning him in. But Snitches Get Stitches, as they saying goes, in particular when you snitch against a gang member – and lets not kid ourselves: Three Percenters, Proud Boys, etc., are gangs. Disorganized and disjointed gangs, but gangs.

But now his daughter is adding fuel to the fire, by saying, "“I think it would only be just for former President Trump to be convicted and serve the longest sentence about the events that occurred on January 6, 2021.” I can’t help but think that if she hasn’t been doxxed already, she’s going to be, and worse things than being doxxed may happen to her.

On the one hand, I commend these brave people for speaking truth to power. On the other, I feel like they’re playijng an extremely dangerous game.

Any thoughts?

Any move, here, is a dangerous game.

Had it been anyone in my family, even if I hadn’t been the one to narc on them, I’d probably feel that my best option was to disappear into quiet anonymity as much as possible

Not a winning move, to be sure.

So, two members of one family. One an informer in a good cause. One who spoke out publicly about the former president’s responsibility for what happened.

So far, the headline on this thread is a bit of an exaggeration.

The contents of the thread are mostly despicable. Don’t speak the truth about sedition and violence and incitement to riot because you might suffer some consequences. I’m glad the witnesses to the House committee haven’t followed this stupid and cowardly advice.

They are doing their patriotic and ethical duty and I commend their bravery. Allowing themselves to be silenced through intimidation, while understandable, would be a win for fascism. Evil like we’re currently facing thrives in the absence of good people taking action against it, and they’re doing what they can. It should not be discouraged.

Which is saying that criminals use to keep people (victims) quiet.

Keeping quiet protects the criminals, not the neighborhood.


The more that people act afraid to be visibly against the Proud Boys and their like, the more power the Proud Boys etc. will have. And the more power they have, the less safe is anyone from them (including that the less safe are they themselves from each other.)

The only hope is for enough people to speak out against them.

No, she’s not. She’s adding fire-extinguishing materials to it.

Can that be dangerous? Sure – firefighters get hurt all the time, sometimes killed. But that’s not because they’re adding fuel to the fire.

If you ever wondered what you would have done in Germany as the Nazis came to power, whatever you’re doing now is what you would have been doing then. These people are taking a stand.

To paraphrase John Stuart Mill, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.

Silence may be the cautious course, but it does nothing to fight ignorance.

I agree that they’re brave, and I would add my voice to theirs if I knew someone committed an illegal act.

The Father has been convicted. What are his children accomplishing by commenting afterwards?

Encouraging other relatives of the insurrectionists to come forward. Making sure their father’s crimes aren’t normalized or swept under the rug. Putting the distinction between right and wrong in the public sphere with their elevated exposure.

You know, good stuff.

I mean, FFS, they were teenagers when Jan 6 occurred. The daughter who was quoted is only 18 now. It’s clear that this whole situation has been really devastating to their family:

I agree that it’s brave of them to have taken this problem seriously and to be publicly honest about it. And I also think that some youthful naivete and social-media mindset regarding public enactment of personal life may be factoring into their decisions, which would be perfectly understandable.

But I don’t see any evidence that they’re “playing a game” as the OP suggests.

“Playing a game” may have been a poor turn of phrase. I just meant that their actions are (or seem) risky.

This isn’t a game.

Lots of people think it’s hyperbole, but it’s not: American Democracy is teettering on the edge of destruction, and the social, political, and military consequences of that are entirely unpredictable. Someone has to stand against this, even if it risks their own life.

There was a time people understood such things.

Quoted for truth.

Bravo to this young man and woman.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

The OP is right though. They had better keep a sharp look out.

That’s not where it actually started, it may be when she first noticed a problem.

This is kind of an odd take to me, but then I’m not a teenager. Families are potentially vulnerable from a lot of directions: medical problems, addiction, mental illness, environmental factors like job loss and inflation. I don’t think I’ve seen “propaganda and misinformation” included as a breaker-up of families before. I guess it’s a sign of the times.

You made a mistake. Try owning it next time.

It has been a trend at least since the 1980’s, and it was intentionally designed and planned. I remember when the War on Drugs started there were news articles proudly telling TV audiences how (for instance) a teen-aged girl in Kentucky turned her parents in to police because they were growing and smoking marijuana.[1]

That was also the era when the self-proclaimed Moral Majority was on the rise; news articles about their success at deprogramming cult members were also quite popular.

If you hadn’t noticed it earlier, perhaps you weren’t paying attention (for one or many of various good reasons, meaning I’m not blaming you).

It’s all really part of the master plan…

“He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.”
–Matthew 10:37 [2]

“If you want to be my disciple, you must, by comparison, hate everyone else—your father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even your own life."
–Luke 14:26 [2]

[1] Now, cities and states encourage the Cannabis trade as a great source of tax revenue!
[2] Okay. My brother was a complete asshole for most of my growing years but even then I knew I wasn’t going to qualify to be one of those followers. Given those parameters, it really wasn’t a difficult choice; bye-bye!]