I feel... dislocated.

Well, that’s the best way I can describe it. It happened a lot first semester of school. Every sunday night, I’d just have this feeling of being in the wrong place, and not belonging here. This led to my walking around the house, aimlessly, only going to sleep after I was really tired from wandering around. My mother has the same problem, though much less often than me.
It has decided to make a triumphant return, on the night before final exams. Real nice timing. I can’t study, because I can’t sit still long enough to crack a book. I’m screwed.

I’ve had the same feeling. It’s a bit like a bad mix of a lot of feelings. THe easist wayI’ve found to deal with it is to play freecell, or something else to distract your mind. The restlessness starts to fade once you start to foucs on something. Even if it’s something as pointless as a computer card game. What I used to do was go from Freeceel, to Hearts to UNreal. By that time it was 1am and I would put a pot of coffee on and get down to work. Try it, you have nothing to lose at this point :slight_smile:

I get this way a lot. For me, boredom = restlessness. Change of scenery/routine helps, but I just have to wait it out most of the time and try to muddle through the blahs.

Well, the feeling’s gone now, but I think I did ok on my exams anyway. I just hope it doesn’t come back Sunday, I have two more exams Monday (and Tuesday and Wednesday for that matter).


Yep. I don’t study unless I absolutely dont know it, and even then I barely do it.

Well, you did well on your exams, so maybe that was your brain telling you that you didn’t need to study. How confident do you feel about your subjects?

Hey Royi! How did your exams go?
KCSuze, most of my other subjects are a little harder than the ones I took on Friday.

I get this a lot as I’m a procrastinator beyond recovery. One thing that helps, as peg suggested, is a change of setting. I recently discovered that the building I live in has a cosy roof terrace that the residents can use (which, strangely, noone does). Great for studying if you don’t get caught up by the view.

Congrats on the exams, by the way!