I feel good about me today (mushy)

I feel good about me today. I didn’t do anything special to feel this way at all, which makes me feel even better.

I’ve stumbled through life without a plan but somehow I feel on top today. I have a wife who still loves me after some serious mistakes I’ve made. I have kids who are growing up not too fast or too slow. They love eachother too, and they love their parents. I have a great dog who practically trained himself and a house I can be proud of. I have a job that satisfies my mind and how I see myself fitting into the world. I have siblings and parents who care about me and depend on me when they need to.

The fact that I don’t have a plan makes me feel a little lucky. The fact that I know I’ve done things wrong and yet am still surrounded by such great people makes me feel like I have value, and that I’ve somehow earned that value. That makes me feel good about me (today).

Recently, someone asked me what my career plans are. I told him I don’t make plans; he started a spiel on how I oughta. My reason for not having plans is that every time I make any, my world turns upside down.

I had plans to get a PhD and work in research. Then my boss decided to steal my work and keep me around for 11 years (which would have meant doing post-docs in my 40s). OK, scratch that plan…

I had a boss 2 weeks younger than me and a job that looked like I could stay there for 30 years, so I opened a “cartilla ahorro vivienda”, a bank account with special tax treatment which must be used to buy a home within a certain period of time. Then my boss refused to do his part in an international project and there went my stability (not that I miss it).

Those are just the two most glaring examples. And heck, with a mother and a SiL who’d outplan God, I’m busy wiggling out of their grasp… life can make plans for me and I’ll just enjoy the ride.

Black Trian Song,
I’m glad to hear that you’re happy with your life (today). Hopefully when I’m married with children I can reflect on my current situation and feel content. Must be a great feeling.

At this point in my life (undergrad), I can still somewhat look to the future to find comfort. The daunting part is that my actions now will play great role in determining how the rest of my life goes. What am I going to do when I graduate? Will I end up marrying my gf?

Congrats on your life though. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

Meh, somebody must’ve spiked my hot pocket yesterday. I feel much more normal today. I still don’t think life sucks. Maybe tomorrow.