I feel I must say....

This thread:

requires me to be infinitely thankful for my parents, who were loving, compassionate, tough when they had to be, and general all around fabulous parents who gave me a truly great childhood and adolesence (to the extent that any adolesence can be great of course).

That is all.

You are very fortunate and I’m sure the upbringing you had has shaped you into someone who is a force for good and peace in the world. That’s a big responsibility but one you should be well-equipped for! Good for you for not taking it for granted.

I feel that way all the time-especially because my dad could so very easily have ended up like HIS father. But fortunately, that’s not the case. My dad’s the best.

I, too, am very blessed to have been raised by loving, caring parents who looked out for my well being. As a child I just took them for granted for being the way they are. How suprised I was to learn that some of my friends were not as fortunate to have been raised in as comfortable of surroundings. Many of them had divorced parents and some came from broken homes and led shitty home lives. If I had an asshole of a father as many of the people posting in that other thread pointed out, I’d be a basket case today and I’d probably either be in a prison, a mental hospital or dead by now. I couldn’t possibly tolerate any of the crap that people wrote about without losing my cool and my sanity.

I, too, feel fortunate to have been raised by loving, caring parents who did their best to prepare us for adulthood and to care for our bodies, minds and souls. While my mom and I continually butt heads over some things, and I wish at times she were able to be more affectionate and less judgmental, I realize that she behaves the way she does for good reasons, and I accept that we have different personalities. She’s not evil, or self-centered, and a lot of her behavior is a result of age and loneliness…Dad died 25 years ago…and we kids all managed to be loving, nurturing parents despite not having cuddly parents. We always knew we were loved, and none of us had any serious issues as kids or adults. Sure, my marriage didn’t work out, but that wasn’t because of any dysfunction on my part. And I only remember being spanked once in my life by my parents, and I well and truly deserved it. Any of the problems I’m having in my life have nothing to do with how I was raised. Thanks, Mom for always being there, and Dad, I miss you every day.

Hear, hear. I’m in complete agreement. There are no two people who have been more supportive of me, and whom I respect more.