I feel it's right for me to pit the WBC

Mostly because of their attitude towards the world, and how I just really want to slug Fred Phelps in the fucking face, and because he likes to assume that he and his cult of hate are better than everyone else. If they have so much faith in God, then why don’t they show how faithful they are and declare Holy War on the US? Why don’t they strap bombs to their chests and send as many non believers to Hell as they can? :mad:The zealots go around chanting about how superior they are to everyone else because their God tells them so. They deserve the Pit, and anyone who feels the way they do, too.

You’re just giving them attention, which is what they want and is more than they deserve, so this’ll be my only post to this thread.

Yeah, brave stance you’re taking here.

Because then there won’t be anyone for them to sue for assault/slander/defamation/etc.

You know, I used to be self-conscious about this, but this thread has inspired me to be open about my point of view.

I think Hitler was a jerk.
There, I said it.

That “ping” sound you just heard was me dropping my monocle.

Dropping? Ha. Mine rocketed across the room with the force of my amazement.

You know who else sucks? Charles Manson. Yeah, I know, not too many people realize this, but I think we should just get it out into the open.

World Baseball Classic?
World Badminton Championship?
World Boxing Council?
World Barista Championship?


(Yes, I know what the OP means.)

I think he means White Blood Cells…and yeah, I hate them too! :mad: Besides Fred Phelps, you know who else has White Blood Cells???


Actually, I think Phelps had all his white blood cells removed. After all, God Hates Phagocytes.

teh winnar

God may hate Phagocytes.

But everyone hates Horrid Punsters.

Come on, OP. Don’t know you know that Dopers never pit the Westboro Baptist Church?

Besides this pitting, what have you done to oppose the WBC? Have you counter-picketed? Lobbied for equal rights? Donated to AIDS related charities?

Or have you just spouted off in this thread, and think that makes YOU morally superior?

Pretty sure whether the OP spouted off in this thread or not, he’d still be morally superior to Phelps and crew. But you’re right: nobody ever has the right to call out charlatans unless they’ve actively worked to oppose them IRL. Guess we better shut this message board down.

Baker is from the Westboro area so you might want to cut her a little slack for having to deal with fallout from Phred and his clan every day.

I’m still researching a way to really put the hurt on them. They are lawyers, right? How do you hurt lawyers the most? Hit them in their bank accounts, let them know the true meaning of poverty. Counter-advertise, be better lawyers than they are.If you own something like a small store or a sit-down restaurant, put up a sign that says “The management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone deemed a disturbance to the peace, subtractive from the atmosphere, or plain unruly.” Ways that can really just put a huge dent in their operations.

Cut her slack?!? Why? She’s lucky! When the wizened old cocksucker finally dies she’ll be able to go picket his fucking funeral. Seriously, I’d love to be in on that.

Its really hard to know what one might do that can directly and effectively deal with a problem like massive and vicious stupidity. But just for the record, if Mr. Phelps should suddenly be attacked by a squamous, tentacled horror from the Nth dimension, that rends him asunder and gobbles him up…well, you’ll know who to thank.