I feel smug.

Outwitting know-it-all colleagues is such a nice feeling.


I thought this would be a thread about the sensual pleasures of fondling a dragon’s naughty bits.

You know… I feel Smaug.

I am curious about your new location.
(and also glad you gave me a reason to bump this thread)

Just wanted to see what it would look like. Juxtaposition and what not. :slight_smile:
Tell, please, of your mental vanquishing of the evil know-it-all.

“Smug” is such a lovely word.

Smug. Smug. SMUG.

I am smug. You are smug. We are all smug.


Can I be smug wearing a smock?

Evreyone is smug wearing a smock!

smock smock smock smock smock smock

Gums gums gums gums gums!

Did you get your latest issue of Gum Chewers Illustrated?
Swimsuit edition!

(Mingling images of gum and swimsuit straps in a scene too horrible to contemplate)


Quick, get the smocks, you smug smirker!

Smock you!

no, wait … that’s just dumb. I should probably stop with this last beer.

Well, yeah, if you don’t stop then it’s not the last beer, now is it?

Well, it’s the last one before the next one, isn’t it? (Said she smugly)

“L.A. is full of smog,” she said Smaugly (which means in the manner of a dragon; ugly)

Ugly Smaug slid smugly through the smoking smog.

Smockity, smockity, smock.

Now are we gonna hear this story or not, Lob?


Oh. It really is terribly anti-climactic. I just needed an excuse to post.
If you must know I ended weeks of speculation by actually deciding to engage my brain. I found out on google that a quarterhorse is not smaller than a greyhound dog and is in-fact as big, if not bigger than a thoroughbred.

A few weeks ago this workmate said “what is a quarterhorse” to another workmate, when the other workmate had an idle guess the first workmate said “WRONG!” in his pretentious style. Then he said it’s a horse that’s smaller than a greyhound.
The other day it came up in conversation, I decided to make myself part of this debate and go and google it. less than a minute later I had discovered that it is a full size horse that is trained to run a quarter of a mile (not sure if it was mile or some other distance now)

I had also found out some other information that colleagues had spent weeks wondering. Like what distance a ‘MAR’ race is.
Nothing special, but just an example of a brain switched on versus several brains that prefer to wonder and never stuff out.

ETF to the rescue!

Quarter horses are very popular 'round here. My stripper ex-GF had three at her daddy’s farm. Fun to ride. (The horses, too)
Maybe the orc sucker meant Qatar horses? In the desert, they don’t grow so big, you see…

Yeh, NoClueBoy, Quarter Horses are great critters. Here’s a good look at the history and uses of the breed.

I own a QH and a Thoroughbred – both neat horses, but very different in many ways. The TB is taller, leggier and leaner than the QH, who outweighs and outbulks him. But then, QHs are sprinters, and TBs are long-distance runners.

Qatar horses would be Arabians – and yes, they’re smaller, but they ain’t that small.

Lobsang, your workmate sounds like a… I was going to say “horse’s ass”, but that would be an insult to the horse.