I feel so special...

I just wanted to share the amazing evening I just had.

First some background, I, and most of my friends are single. Very single. Long term single.

Tonight, being the night after valentines day (the airshow was on and they went on valentines day, the boys can’t all be perfect romantics), six guys decided to treat ten girls (including me), since none of us had a special someone to spend valentines with, and none of us were too thrilled about this.

I arrived at the house of the guy who was hosting us. One of the boys was outside, in a suit, to greet us and show us in. Once inside, we were each given a long stemmed red rose, and a kiss on the cheek from each of the boys. They were all decked out in suits (even the guys I didn’t think owned a suit!) Once we got to the back of the house, we discovered that they had hired a violinist and cellist from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and they were playing for us. They waited on us hand and foot, and had thought of everything, wine, cheese, dips, the lot.

Then they brought out dinner. Roast chicken, with roasted onions, potatoes and carots. They had even made gravy! All this from boys whose usual idea of a good meal is a BBQ, and even then they don’t think of bread, salad, tomato sauce etc. The table had been set for 16, with candles everywhere and strewn with rose petals. We ate, and then they brought out desert - chocolate mousse (homemade, no less!), cream, ice cream and fresh strawberries.

After dinner, they made us coffee, they remembered the chocolates and everything. They had gotten hold of a video projector and hired sense and sensibility for the evening, but we never made it - we just sat around the table talking and laughing.

It was the perfect evening - they had thought of everything (even the Barry White CD!). When it came time to go, they walked us to our cars. No one has ever done anything like that for me before, and it just made me (and I’m sure the other girls) feel so special. These 6 beautiful men, who went to such effort and expense for 10 women - for no reason other than they love us and wanted to do something nice for us, and no expectation from us that they would.

So there you go - I just wanted to share my very special evening with you all.

Yeah, but did any of the guys get lucky?

Seriously though, that’s sweet.

awwwwwwww ! You have some very good friends, Robin

That has got to be the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. You’re very lucky to have these guys in your life!

That’s just amazing robin. It’s the sort of thing you’d read in Mill’s n Boon, but luckily for you, in real life as well. I’m sooooooo jealous. :stuck_out_tongue:

How much do I have to pay for names and ph. numbers??? :smiley:

Diito! Or will this end up in a bidding war? How much is airfare from oregn to Australia?

Oregon, I live in Oregon. Only complete idiots live in oregn.

I’m happy to take bids for their phone numbers.

Unfortunately, they probably wouldn’t know what to do with the phone calls - they could have their pick of these 10 beautiful young women (some of whom already fancy some of them) - and yet none of them have done anything about it, or look likely to in the near future.

They need a kick up the bum, those boys.

I’m still grinning from ear to ear today, after last night. And still feeling really special.

Orright, I’ll only charge $20 to administer a swift kick in the bum to these absolutely charming but completely moronic blokes. But when they have seen the error of their ways, I want the phone numbers OK?


See? This proves that even straight boys know how to cook! :smiley:

Sounds like they’re no different when it comes to that “commitment” thing though…

Sounds like you gals had a very nice time.

I don’t suppose any of those nice boys fancy boys by chance?
(I HAD to ask!)

No. I didn’t say they knew how to cook, only that the did cook. Subtle, but very important difference :smiley:

No, they don’t. Of this I am quite sure. Why they don’t fancy us girls in particular, however, is beyond me.

That was very sweet! I spent the evening in a bar with both my single and married friends. We had fun but that’s a lot different than somebody doing something special. Nobody even bothered to pick up my tab, sheeeeesh! I’m sure I had fun though, my teeth even hurt Saturday morning :smiley:

How sweet robinc308, they must care about you girls alot to go to such effort. :slight_smile:

Are you girls planning to get together and do something special to thank the guys?

We’ll have to do something to thank the guys.

One of them has now put some photos up, here and here - as well as being nice boys, they’re beautiful boys too!

Mmmmm pretty man flesh… drool

and look at ALL that food rumble tummy hungry now :slight_smile: