I fell out of bed

This morning, I woke up almost with a leg cramp. I was lying on the bed, facing the wall on my right side.
I turned, forgetting I was over there, and fell off!
Fortunately, I haven’t used a frame for years, just a box spring and mattress on the floor so I didn’t fall far.
I landed on my right side and now my upper back is sore.
Anyone else ever fell out of bed as an adult? This was my first time.:wally

No, I haven’t fallen out of bed as an adult, but I remember falling out of bed once when I was about five. I was in the top bunk, but I didn’t have the safety rail on. I rolled over and I saw the floor coming up at me. I has one of those oval rugs made up of “ropes” (fabric sewn into a long tube about 1/2" in diameter with stuffing in it and sewn to other ropes in a concentric pattern) and I remember seeing it coming. It knocked the wind out of me. I crawled into the lower bunk and went back to sleep.

Not fallen as such, but my preferred method of getting out of bed is rolling at least partially out, and when I get really tangled in my sheets, occasionally part of me (my head, say) makes it out and the rest of me doesn’t, and off I go. But it’s not falling, honestly, because I’m doing it on purpose. Yeah, that’s it.

Well, seeing as I’m still not technically an adult (I’m 15), I couldn’t possibly have fallen out of a bed as one. However, I had a very bad experience doing so as a child. I was in the top, very high, very narrow bunk. It was the middle of the night, and I rolled over and out onto the wood floor. Apparently, I grabbed my blanket and just went to sleep on the floor. I woke up down there with no knowledge of what had happened and a very bad headache and sore neck.

Hmmm. The one time I remember falling off the bed, my blankets and pillow had proceeded me, so it wasn’t a hard landing. (And considering I was maybe 50 pounds, dripping wet, at the time…)

So far, I have managed to avoid falling out of bed as an adult.

I have however managed to give myself wicked bruises from rolling over, and whacking something against the wall. OW!

<< Familiarity breeds children. >>

I feel for you!

I fell out of bed too when I had a horrible leg cramp. But I think I must have fallen out on purpose. Not enough potassium in diet.

All through junior high and highschool I sleped on a normal twin bed and had the alarm clock on the other side of the room. (If I had kept it near the bed it would have been far too easy to snooze and roll over.) When it would go off in the morning I would stagger out of bed, snooze it, and stagger back into bed, generally without opening my eyes.

Fast-forward to freshman year in college, first night in the dorms. I’m on the top loft. I spent the whole night worrying, not that I would fall out, but that when my alarm went off I would, still asleep, throw myself out of bed to turn it off. I nipped that in the bud by not sleeping all night. :rolleyes:

I got over it and ended up snoozing it with a Cosmo for the rest of the year. :smiley:

Ummm over enthusiastic bed sport activities with leechboy have on one occasion led me to fall out of bed. But whilst sleeping nope, never happened. :slight_smile:

After beating each other badly for six months in a regular sized bed, we got a King Whopper, and my side is against the wall.
While we were on a road trip, in a motel…regular bed again. I rolled over, and awoke with one hand and foot on the floor, and the nightstand smooshing my nose.


It’s happened to me, a couple of years ago. In my defence, it was an unfamiliar bed. And nobody provided any instructions for use… do you think I should sue?

Did you drag a comb across your head? Then find your way downstairs and drink a cup? And, looking up, you noticed you were late? <pant pant pant>

It happens to me about once a month. I’m a restless sleeper. Sometime I wake up as I’m falling, but I often sleep right through it and wake up completely disoriented.

I’ve gotten a few bruises that way, and once I hit my head on my night table. Several times I’ve woken up lying partially under my bed.

God help the man I marry. :slight_smile:

Yes, I have. But I also have really, REALLY bad nightmares so that’s kind of a part of it.

Then did you proceed to find your coat, grab your hat, and make the bus in seconds flat? That’s normally how it happens for me.

I did this as a child also from a top bunk. The weird thing was I was having a dream about jumping off a rooftop. The fall in the dream coincided perfectly with my fall out of the bed. I hit a vacuum cleaner that was on the floor, and knocked the wind out of me. It was the first time I had the experience of knocking my wind out, and I thought I was going to die. I stayed on the floor until morning.

Another positive childhood memory!

I’ve been kicked out of bed a few times. Does that count? :smiley:

It could have happened. Reminds me of something that happened to someone on my floor. Unfortunately, when she fell out of her loft she managed to hit her head on a chair and hurt her neck, thus earning a trip to the e.r., as per order of our hall director. She was ok, though, besides the wound to her dignity.

Only if it was for eating crackers.

I fell out of bed twice my freshman year of college. Onto my face. Once due to lack of sleep. The other time, I was on the top bunk and trying to grab a book off the bottom bunk (I did it all the time, really) but that day the book was farther under or I’d gained weight or whatever and went banging onto the floor.

Also walked into a wall that year. Hard. All three things required visits to the med center. I got some really weird questions, and lots of assurances that it was ok to talk to them. (I’m glad they ask, but …)

Never as an “adult.” Never in college (yet). One time as a child I had a dream that I was a truck driver and I had skidded off the road into a snowbank. When I woke up I was on the floor surrounded by my blankets. I clawed my way out I saw on the television a story about a truck just outside of Pittsburgh that had skidded a road into a snowbank. My mother had turned the television on to the weather channel as she always did every morning. It worked as a sort of alarm for me. Weird.

DougAB, dantheman as long as vanilla still likes to turn me on I’m fine.