I felt sorry for them.., really.

I think we all have had a fairly uncomfortable experience at some stage or another similar to this…

I was living in a share house with a good friend of mine, we ended up needing a third person to take the empty room after another buddy moved interstate.

So we got one., she was very nice/ friendly/ co-habitable etc. etc. and all went well.

Every one got on OK.

Except this one night we (my buddy and myself) were just sitting in the kitchen talking crap as per normal when this (younger) girl knocks on the door, out of the blue, asking about the absent room-mate, as she had been invited to a party.



Now this place was a bit of a party house for sure, but generally the residents got a heads up about it.

No one knew what was going on. Apparently the house mate had organised a bash, canceled it and told almost everybody.

To this day I can still see the poor girl with her plate of crackery-type things that she had bought along sitting in our kitchen just dying.

I really felt sorry for her.

If it is a honest mistake, an apology and maybe a treat to lunch/dinner should clear things up?

If she was hot, offer to throw a party just for her… :wink:

might want to cut her some slack on this first offense letting her now that going forward this would be considered unacceptable behavior

I agree. Poor thing must have thought it was something against her personally. I hope the roommate made it up to her.