My best friend's roomate is FINALLY moving out...

Well, after several months of taking her abuse, my friend was finally fed up and kicked his roomate out. Tensions had been strained ever since she lost her job and was unable to pay him her half of the rent.

I knew my friend was having a bad day when I talked to him yesterday afternoon. So after I got finished with work I decided to invite him out for some drinks to talk it over. However when I called it was clear he was having another argument with his roomate. I decided to go over there and try to break things up myself. His roomate can represent the very worst in humanity- she’s unreliable, a compulsive liar, manipulative, easily jealous, and prone to temper tantrums (no really! :eek: ) When I get to my friend’s apartment I can tell things are pretty bad because I can hear her screaming at him from where I am parked. In fact, the whole apartment complex probably knew exactly what was going on, since she was yelling so loudly.

My friend had calmly explained to her that she could have stayed had she followed the rules they agreed upon. Since she could not pay rent he was allowing her to stay temporarily on the condition that she tell him who she is bringing to the house. Well, she lied about it, and he was furious, because the person she had over (her boyfriend) he is highly suspicious of. Thinking she could fix the situation quickly, she just called her boyfriend up and broke up with him over the phone :confused:

Unable to win the argument through logic, she became unwilling to face the facts and so took off and got herself extremely drunk. I had waited outside patiently through this whole thing- my friend thanked me for trying to help. He didn’t want to leave her alone at the time because she had been saying all sorts of crazy things and had been threatening to hurt herself/suicide a lot that day. Unfortunately getting drunk did not help the situation at all and she became completely psychotic. It was all we could do to drag her to her friend’s house to stay the night without waking up the whole neighborhood. I stuck around because I knew she had a lot to drink and wanted to keep an eye on her when she inevitably got sick from it. After they took her to her friend’s house, I went home, by then it was 1:30 AM and I had to look forward to getting up at 6 the next morning :smack:.

The situation genuinely disturbed me. I find it really sad that it had to come to this. I mean, I can’t imagine why she would risk getting kicked out just to get her way. I live among individuals who aren’t willing to be held accountable for their actions and have a pretty arrogant sense of self-entitlement. But they are so different from me I’ll never be able to comprehend why they ruin things for themselves. I always try to help my best friend out every way I can- Him and I are quite close and there’s been times when I really appreciated his help, or even just his company. I don’t know how much help I was to him last night, though he did thank me for staying out so late. He also thanked me for carrying his roomate to the bathroom and propping her up on the toilet so she didn’t pee herself, something I’d rather not do again.

I sincerely hope she remembers every moment of it, because I can only hope that the sheer level of humiliation she put herself under has some positive impact on how she treats others in the future.

We used to have a roommate like this. What killed me about it was she’d started out being fairly normal and reliable and just slowly de-volved into, basically, what you described. Sucks but at least she’s gone now.