I finally got it after 20 years!

No, not that! Remember “Welcome Back, Kotter”? I’m watching it now and the episode is the one where Epstein runs away because he lost a fight. Here is one scene:

Barbarino is on the phone looking for Epstein. He asked, “Have you checked the Staten Island ferry?”(pause) “No, stupid, it’s a boat!”. Then he slams the phone down.

I remember watching that and not understanding why it was funny. I forgot about it, and now I saw the show again, heard the joke and understand it! Heh! I love that show.

Is there a chair here that I could speak to?

Something similar happened to me awhile back. I was thinking about “The Electric Company” TV show, remembering all the recurring characters. I came to “Fargo North, Decoder” and finally got the pun. I could’ve smacked myself for not having realized it before.

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That Fargo North one cracks me up! That is such a clever joke! That and the skit with Bill Cosby messing around with the All For One and One For All. Love it!

I still don’t get the Welcome Back, Kotter joke…

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“Ferry” sounds a lot like “Fairy”.

Heyyy Youuu Guyyyyyys!!!

“Teaching without words and work without doing are understood by very few.”
-Tao Te Ching

I still don’t get it…
checking fairies??


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-Pepe the Prawn

Me neither. Totally lost.

Wow – so how do you guys feel about the Andy Kaufman thread?

Here’s my guess:

Did you check the Staten Island ferry?

(Guy thinks he means, did you check the homosexual from Staten Island)
In the same sense as “Did you check the Chicago psychic?”

He replies, no it’s a boat.

Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.

When I was a kid I didn’t understand the “Charlie Tuna” commercials:

“Starkist doesn’t want tuna with good taste–they want tunas that taste good.”

I thought “good taste” and “tasting good” were the same thing.

It was many years later that I understood that “good taste” had to do with aesthetic values.

I didn’t know what “good taste” was.
30 years later, my SO says I still don’t.

MaryAnn–you “finally got it after 20 years”.

Does this mean that you & Gilligan have…

Save The Endangered Jackalope! Send Cash Now! If You Do This, I Will Use The Cash To Save Any Jackalope That I Happen To Find! Send Cash Now! Before It’s Too Late! My Bills, I Mean The Jackalope’s Bills Are Due The 15th Of The Month!
This has been a message from the Illuminated Committee To Save The Jackalope. Fnord.

I still use this:

“Starkist doesn’t want tuna with good taste–they want tunas that taste good.”

as a guide line for, well, heck, everything; but why he would want to get eaten up, I donno.

No, Daniel, not Gilligan…the PROFESSOR!

No, stupid, it’s a boat!

I had the same sort of experience recently. Joke I heard at six years old:
Where does virgin wool come from?
Ugly Sheep.

For some reason this just popped into my head while I was taking the bus. If you want to have a seat to yourself on a crowded bus, just start giggling for no apparent reason. Works every time.

Best dirty joke punchline worked into a prime time show:

First, the joke–for those who haven’t heard it:
A priest is walking downtown and a prostitute says to him “Wanna blowjob? 20 bucks.” The priest has no idea what she is talking about, just says “No, thank you” and goes on. He has no idea it’s anything naughty, but wonders what she meant. So when he gets back to the church, he takes a nun aside and says “Sister, what’s a blowjob?”
She says “20 bucks, same as downtown.”

That last line appeared in an episode of Night Court. Anybody remember the scene?

The prosecutor used it, but I did not understand its funniness then or now. Thank you, no charge please.

What a let down. I thought it was about the 20 years you spent trying to date that cute guy at work at the vets.

Democritus - could you please also give the actual address? The Electric Company was my FAVORITE show when it was on, and I’d love to visit whatever it is youve linked to - but I cant connect just by clicking, for some reason.

Lyxdesics of the lowrd untie!

Here’s one of mine (though it’s not actually a joke).

I first read Pope’s famous inscription for the King’s dog’s collar (you know,
“I am His Majesty’s Dog at Kew
Pray Tell Me, Sir, Whose Dog Are You?”)
in some book of illustrated poetry as a young lad. Of course, the picture was of one dog talking to another dog, and that’s how I understood the poem: sort of a, “Hi, how’rya, who’s your human?”

About a year ago, I was reading some poetry anthology and came across the same poem, when it hit me: Dogs can’t read. Only humans can. It takes on a whole different, much nastier meaning.

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