I find this degree of self-absorbed obssession & paranoia in a non-American a comfort

So, on 9/11, Sarah, Dutchess of York, was due at the World Trade Center to give a speech.

She escaped harm, & I, as an American, am very glad of it, & I have nothing but goodwill towards her.

But there are looneys in the World.



Prince Charles & Al Qida, working hand-in-hand? Prozac is needed, surely.
That a non-Yank is capable of this degree of reality-separation is soothing, somehow. The Land of Jerry Springer/Art Bell is not confined to the USA.

Anybody else have a choice piece of conspiracy/insanity to share?

“Only shortly after”? 9/11 was *four years * after Diana’s death.

Where does it say that this nonsense is the work of a non-American? In my understainding, “some conspiracy theorists” does not give any indication of nationality.