I Find Your Lack Of Candy Disturbing

So, here I am, the new me.
Well not really new new me, more like the me that’s been there all along, buried deep beneath the mounds of adult responsibility.
Shackled no more by the harsh restraints of approval by those uncaring, or unwilling, or simply not constituted for random impulsive flights of fancy.


sorry Beck, I luvs ya but I gotta let my dweeb flag fly somewhere, irl just ain’t gonna happen

That’s cool. You dweeb, you. I like candy.

I was texting with the lil’wrekker just now and I told her you rejected ‘chazzieboi’, she was not happy. I told her your new name. And she thought that was pretty funny. She’s ok with it. So you’re good, with the college set. They get you.

Buh-buh-but… we all came up with so many grownup names for you. Serious puns, descriptive monikers, classy stuff.

And you go all, well, *dorky *on us!

(It’s already grown on me… congrats on a tough decision!)

Well I did change one of the alternates to Moose, yanno, something timeless and simple and classy.

But y’all ain’t without collective responsibility, DorkVader got the most votes in the poll so…

Ok yeah I could have come up with better options but, hey impulsive flights of fancy

I like the avatar too.

Did I stumble into a private thread? I didn’t know we had those! :wink:

What are you guys talking about? Am I just missing something obvious (that happens to me a lot!)? Or are y’all discussing something that only y’all know about. It seems to be something about DorkVader having changed his/her user name. Can everybody play or is it TOP SEKRET?

ETA:I like descriptive thread titles. (But I’m kinda weird, so… :smiley: )

Thanks. I’ve been wanting to use a photo of my Darth Bunny for a while now. With the new name, I was finally motivated enough to put a little more effort into my quest.

So quick back story, just finalized my divorce, decided I needed a new name. Came up with a few options, put them in a limited runtime poll, went with the name that got the most votes. Feel free to participate in this thread all you like. I can’t say how long it will stay active, but based on experience, probably not long.

Oh, for reference, my old name was guestchaz btw

You’ll always be ‘chazzieboi’ to me. Just saying.

Lol Beck

So, does this make you Licor-Sith? Red or Black?

:stuck_out_tongue: no, silly spruce

Sith Easter Hare.

So you want us all to join the Dork Side?

What do use for a light sabre, a carrot?

I believe these ARE the dweebs you were looking for, no need to move along


The farce is strong in this one.

Actually, there is a picture of a different version of Darth Bunny weilding a carrot saber

And ** Scribble**, if you only knew The Power of The Dark Chocolate

Funny, I spewed tea on my screen.:slight_smile: