I forget, do we have a general HurricaneDitka Pit thread?

Pretty sure he reads every post, he just doesn’t respond. A while back he had PM’d me and IIRC straight up admitted that he reads this thread.

What exactly did iiandyiiii claim he (HD) said?

I don’t really much care whether he reads this thread or not, since it’s not going to change his behavior. I think it’s more important that other posters who engage with him are aware of his m.o., that he affects a false veneer of sanctimonious civility and that it hides both a basic dishonesty and some really ugly hateful beliefs. I think Ann Hedonia put it well in #389.

I knew all this but even I was surprised at his outright implication that immigrants were of no value to America if they were from shithole countries, which was sort of a corollary to his earlier claim that they’re all a bunch of criminals. He obviously regards the Trump administration as a shining model of the kind of culture of achievement that America should aspire to, and respects their intellectual discernment in letting the immigrants have it just the way they deserve, with both barrels.

If you don’t understand what you have written, you are not alone.


Come to think of it, the field’s wide open since May 15. We really need to start assessing who’s going to assume the title next year

Awards season has a way of kinda sneaking up on you…

In a thread about what would make one either flee from or act violently against authority in the US, we have this gem from HD:

Anyone surprised that someone who sympathizes with the OK City bomber implies that he’s not far from joining an insurgency and shooting Americans?

I’m surprised he thinks anyone gives two shits about his feeling comfortable.

He doesn’t, he just thinks that we should.

Believes? Maybe. Feels? Possibly. Thinks? Not a chance.

That was ridiculously lazy.

But brief!

He needn’t worry about it. The mods have made a collective decision that the death-threat rule is not to be enforced for posts that state the intent of killing cops who might come to take their guns. Apparently it’s okay if it’s only hypothetical.

HD tells us what would make him stop supporting Trump:


Not included in the list – collusion with a foreign government against political opponents; sexual assault/rape/harassment; financial crimes; racism/bigotry/white supremacism… the only things he lists are a non-conservative SCOTUS nominee, raising taxes, or opposing gun rights.

It shouldn’t be a mystery to anyone why so many of us think HD is a morally bankrupt person, at least by his posts.

You seem rather frustrated and angry here. I don’t know why, but whatever. I suppose the polite thing would be to express some sympathy, but actually I’m amused.

Enormous amount of jive here, but nothing of any real substance. Just empty insistence that “you’re wrong you’re wrong you’re wrong” accompanying by the typical spewed froth.

It would appear based on your own cite earlier that you’re also unfamiliar with the concept of noun-pronoun agreement. Not surprising, based on your track record.

One thing I will comment on is your complaints about “insults”. I like these types of complaints. I myself would prefer a frank and cordial exchange of ideas, and never (or at least extremely rarely) begin insulting people. But I get insulted a lot, and when that happens I don’t complain about it, but either ignore it, or on occasion mix it up too. And the ironic thing is that many times the people who begin with the insults are the ones who end up whining about how they’re being insulted. As is the case here, with you. Works for me. :slight_smile:

Come on, andy. With all the reasons to dis on the guy, you’re dis’ing him for things he didn’t say? And if you look at that post, he explicitly said the things he supported was a partial list. I think we can assume that that it’s also a partial list of things that would cause him to withdraw support.

No, really just amused that you seem to be trying to compete with trump in gas lighting.
Though I could have some sympathy for your continued failure at reading other people’s minds, along with your insistence that you have that capability.

If you are not just a troll, and the implications that has for your character and capability, then you are just a really stupid person who cannot stop being amused by his own lying. Pathetic either way.

If I’m wrong, he has all the freedom in the world to correct me. But based on this post and other things he’s said in threads about non-white immigrants, sexual assault and harassment, the OK City bomber, and more, then I think my assessment is entirely reasonable.

Well I think my interpretation is correct, but you claim you’re just amused and I’m certainly amused in which case it works out for everyone. Everything is for the best in the best of all possible worlds … :slight_smile:

Heh, okay.

You enjoy lying, I enjoy calling out liars. No frustration or anger, just the unencumbered pure joy of pointing out the intentional falsehoods that liars like yourself are stupid enough to try to perpetuate.

Fun game for all to enjoy.

OK, whatever.

I don’t think it’s fair to impute things to people and insist that they have the freedom to correct you. There’s no limit to what you can impute to people, and especially given the board makeup, if a guy like HD had to deny everything that people were imputing to him he would constantly be on the defensive and would have no time for anything else.

As for the substance, I agree with JM that HD clearly left things out. But even more than that, I think HD was thinking in terms of reasons for his current support for Trump that might be withdrawn and cause him to lose support. He wasn’t discussing things that might override his support, and his list didn’t include anything along those lines.