I forgot the password to IE Content Advisor

In a fit of frustration with my teenage daughter, I enabled Content Advisor in Internet Explorer 7 to prevent her from using a popular networking website that rhymes with “HiSpace”. In doing this, I created a password that I thought would be obvious to me and not to her. In fact, I was so confident, I did not even create a password hint.


Content Advisor did not block the website I wanted to block. I typically use Firefox, so I don’t really care what IE is doing. The problem is, I forgot the password. This matters to me because Quicken uses IE to download my banking information. Apparently, my bank does not use a certificate that IE CA likes. I can use Firefox, but it’s a bit more cumbersome.

So, I did not inconvenience my daughter in the slightest, but I screwed up my banking.

Does anyone know how to recover the password? Microsoft’s website and KB articles have been no help so far.


Thanks. I’ll have to check that when I get home. My work has categorized that site as an anonymizer and hacking.

Browsing around on “content advisor password”, I did find this, which says:

And this.

However, note that none of these involve recovering the password, only deleting it.

Right, because your employer does not want you stripping content restrictions they put in place.

I don’t know about your employer, but mine has their restrictions active on the proxy server. Setting them locally would be, as you may have noticed, much too easy to bypass.

Which is why these things don’t work well on teenagers, BTW. I wouldn’t be surprised if Drum God can’t figure out what password she used because her daughter cleared it in the registry & then went back in and set one of her devising.

(My sons are ten and twelve. I fear the next ten years or so …)

The restrictions at work are through the server. If I go to a forbidden site, I get screen that tells me it is forbidden and why. I think it may log the hit for our IT people, too. It’s not a problem unless they see my trying to go to some sites often.

The problem at home is that I simply forgot the password. The Content Advisor never bothered my daughter at all. Apparently, the offending site’s RASC rating isn’t sufficient to trip the blocker’s settings. If I restricted it more, then sites she needs for school may not work. Basically, IE’s CA is a piece of c**p.

You won’t have such trouble with your boys. If my experience is typical, boys are MUCH easier than girls.

I’ll try the registry edit and see if that doesn’t get it fixed.

Is there a way to get Quicken to use the default browser (Firefox) rather than IE?

Thanks. Your first suggestion fixed it, except that it would not accept a blank password. I made up a new one and that disabled the content advisor, even though it’s not the password I started with.

Thanks for your help.