Major Computer Problem

I’m writing this from my second computer, because the first one is messed up. When I try to open ANY internet site, the content editor opens up and refuses to allow the website to open without a password. Problem is I don’t know the supervisor password! This apparently just appeared on the computer :rolleyes: since nobody in my family will claim responsibility. Is there any backdoor or anything that would allow me to disable the security program? Help!

The following link is provided from the Microsoft Knowledge Base on this topic:

A simple search for programs that would disable the Content Advisor password for forgotten passwords brought up matches such as:

Another, more expensive, option is:

Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot! That cured the computer. Except now I have another problem! I got home after a lil bit, turned on the computer and saw windows building a device database. Hmmm… Well then I notice my resolution has been set to 640 x 480! When I tried to change it, I notice that it’s now impossible to change the resolution, it won’t let me in my display properties. 2 questions: How do I fix this? and 2: why would my computer be doing this (outside of people doing stuff and not telling me). I’ve heard of a hole in IE that lets Java do stuff, could this be a cause?

You fix it by installing a driver or drivers for your video card. If you don’t have them, you can download them from the manufacturer’s website, or you can just choose a generic video card, and use the drivers Windows includes.

As to why this happened, my guess would be something in that program deleted or somehow altered the drivers in such a way that Windows does not recognize them. So, just reinstall them, and you should be on your way.

(Right-click on the desktop, click properties, then the settings tab, then advanced, then the adapter tab, then click change.)

Check your monitor drivers, too. If they’re set to ‘Default Monitor’ try changing it back to ‘Plug and Play Monitor’ This will let you select additional resolutions and color depths.

If there was a problem with Windows loading, your computer could be starting in Safe Mode. If not, reinstalling drivers would be my first action.

Im surprised you can answer it Civil without even knowing what kind of computer they have or what operating system. Are you sure its not virus related? ALl this stuff happening looks weird. I wouldn’t suggest anything without knowing the two facts above though, other than a virus check.

Handy, the aforementioned program is Windows specfic. Since poogas21 said that it had fixed the problem, you can deduce that the program worked, hence it runs on Windows.

I used the same logic as vandal in reference to the question you asked, handy.

If it’s virus related, I doubt it’s from either link I mentioned. I downloaded the freeware file, set up an IE Content Advisor password, then used it to disable it before posting to verify that it worked as posted. I also ran a virus check before and after, and found nothing. My best bet would be it’s a driver problem, or a Safe Mode related issue.