I Fought the Worm and the Worm's Done - Thanks Anthracite ! ! ! ! (msblast.exe)

It didn’t take too long and it was easy with Anthracite’s directions (see GQ post).

Now all firewalls at set, security patches installed, Norton updated, and the worm is gone - all without a panic induced reformat.


When vanity searches pay off…

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

You always give good advice… Thanks from me three…

Well that’s great that you are doing fine.

I on the other hand, have had this stupid “I fought the law” jingle in my head for 3 hours.

I wonder where it came from…

I’m gonna get you for this. :smack: If I survive this jingle that is…

I know how you feel - I’ve been singing “I like tha Mooon”
in a silly voice since someone posted this link in another thread

Thanks from me four. Only one of our machines got it, but it was nice
to know where to eliminate the little bugger. Computer diversity is good - I printed out the wrong thread, but my Win98 machine at home was still fine.

I thought having dialup only meant not worrying about firewalls - oh well.