I found out last week I have cancer

And I’m feeling ok about it now.

I’ve started a few threads leading up to this, going all the way back to my first Baker’s Cyst thread back in August of last year, up to my recent thread in which I stated I’d rather deal with the tumor than the immigration department (immigration turned out to be fine. I guess my cow-orker just went on a bad day).

Anyway, some background: I’ve had a
lump on the back of my right knee since last summer, and the two different GPs I saw (on about five different occasions all together) both diagnosed it as a Baker’s Cyst, which is just the result of fluid collecting around a ligament injury. They said that as long as it wasn’t hurting, I shouldn’t worry about it, so I didn’t, although I did keep going back periodically to see if it was still ok, which they kept saying it was.

At the end of April, my wife’s mom had a ceremony for the fifth anniversary of her husband’s death (from cancer, coincidentally), during which I had to sit in a kneeling position for about half an hour (the ceremony was interesting, and the Shinto priest was a pretty cool guy). Afterwards, a patch of my right calf was numb, which is normal, but the feeling still hadn’t returned by the end of the day, which isn’t (it still isn’t back). I went to the GP again, who was baffled and sent me to an orthopedic specialist, who started saying things ending in -oma and sent me to another orthopedic specialist who worked at the National Cancer Institute.

This doctor said at first it looked like a lipoma, which is a non-malignant
fatty tumor. After my tests and X-rays came back, however, he said nope, it was almost definitely cancer, probably a liposarcoma, possibly a
malignant fibrous histocytoma. He did a needle biopsy and on Friday I went back for an MRI (to compare with the MRI I had done in February to see if it’s growing) and a CT scan (to see if it’s spreading anywhere), with an appointment scheduled for this morning to talk over the results and find out what stage the cancer is in (1 = surgery = good, 3 = metastasis = chemo = not good).
Soooo, last week was just a tad tense, and my wife and parents both took it pretty hard. Today, however, I got some better news: the cancer was still in stage 1, which means that, with a high likelihood of success, it can be taken care of with just surgery, which we scheduled for the week of the 16th. It’s either a well-defined or a mixoid-type liposarcoma, which are the two varieties with the best outlooks. The standard practice for this hospital is to remove a 1cm thick area around the tumor as a ‘buffer area’, but I won’t be losing any of the bone in my knee. I will lose part of my hamstring, I will need a skin graft, and I may need some kind of bypass for the main vein there. Still, I’m feeling a lot happier now than I was last week. I may not be ready to terrorize Roppongi with Cerowyn by the time he gets here again, but I should be well enough to meet him for dinner.

Also, I’ve said this before in other threads, but I love my company. The Chairman, Prez and VP have all told me “your health is the most important thing, so take off as much time as you need and don’t worry about work. Your job is safe.” The company will also loan me any money I need for hospital bills (I have private insurance that covers 100%, but I have to pay everything up front and get reimbursed later). That definitely takes some of the worry off.

So that’s where I am now. And I’m feeling pretty good.

Wow, taking this better than I would. Good luck, I wish you all the best.


Looks like you got to it in time, man. That’s fantastic news, given the circumstances!

Good luck with the surgery, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. It’s a good sign that you’re in such good spirits about it all!

Thanks. Emotionally, the hard part seems to be over for now.
Sorry about the odd carriage returns, I C&P’ed parts from an email I sent to friends.

You sure are taking it strongly, Sublight. Chin up, we’re all behind you.

Take it one moment at a time.

Be thankful you have family and bosses who support and care about you.

Take very good care!

Sublight, I have a picture of you in my mind, surrounded by healing light. You’re right to be optimistic and positive about this. It will only help and you will be healed.

Big skanky hugs, friend. You can kick this thing’s ass.

With Love, Gazelle

Sublight–they caught it early. You’ll be fine. :slight_smile:

Good Luck Sublight!
I’m so glad you have all the support you do.

I’m sure the surgery will knock the thing out, and you’ll be back to yourself in no time.

Best wishes

While I feel terrible that you have cancer, at least, if one has to get it, this is not the worst way to do so. I’m sending warm, happy, healing thoughts via the Great Circle Route.

Best wishes. Everything will turn out alright :wink:

Luck to you! I go in for test tomorrow to determine if I do.

I think you have the right attitude, keep positive thoughts and know that others have survived what you have.

Sublight, best wishes to you. As others have said, if you have to have cancer, you could do a lot worse. I’m sure you’ll be okay. Take care of yourself. And hey, while you recuperate, you’ll have plenty of time to catch up on the latest Japanese horror movies. I’ll expect a full report in Cafe Society. :wink:

Your company sounds awesome, by the way. It’s heartening to think there are still employers in this world who care.

Sounds like you’ve got the situation under control - between you and your doctors, you can beat this. Best of luck.

Best wishes, Sublight! I hope everything “comes out” ok!!!

And best wishes for fast healing. Surgery in the knee area can be a bit challenging. Take it easy, and do any physical therapy they recommend religiously.

Archergal, knee surgery veteran

More positive thoughts for you, too!

Wow… missed this little development! I hope everything works out well, and the re-hab goes quickly (and not just for the sake of us tearing up Tokyo :slight_smile: ).

Of course, I will be there for a month, so who knows what might happen. And, of course, I have experience with carrying a friend of mine around Roppongi with a broken leg…

Thanks! Although, please don’t let me hi-jack the thread.

Shit Sublight, you scared the crap out of me with that thread heading! Just as we were both joking about the possibilty a week or so ago. Well, anyway -
(a) I’m pleased to hear that its only stage 1.
(b) Smart man to have the full medical insurance.

I’ll be thinking of you and sending down some positive vibes on the week of the 16th (Monday?).

Good news, at least as far as bad news goes.

Take care of yourself on the recovery. A friend’s husband had similar surgery 8 months ago (cartilaginous tumor, not sure which -oma, removed tissue surrounding in the same way), and healing wasn’t a party. Pretty much sofa time interspersed with griping and physical therapy.

But you don’t sound the griping type…

Have the recommendations for Lance Armstrong’s biography started yet? (Apparently everyone and their entire families recommended it to those friends, and we almost did, too - fortunately she rolled her eyes before I opened my mouth… and yeah, he read it, with mixed reviews on whether it was useful to him.)