I found the secret to keeping New Year's Resolutions:

Just make them fun! (Duh)

Screw trying to exercise more or eat healthy. You know that shit never works!

2012 was the first year I actually stood by my resolutions. They were:

[li] Take at least one day off a month from work. Giving me a long weekend.[/li][li] Friday night is ‘steak night’. My son and I both love steak. So this wasn’t hard. We’ve tried just about every kind of cut and every recipe you can imagine. A nice bonding experience for me and my son as well.[/li][/ul]

So anybody else got any FUN resolutions for the new year?

not making any works for me.

Two years ago my resolution was to stop pretending that I enjoy yoga. Haven’t done any since.

I was bit precocious in grade school and figured out that if one resolved never to make another resolution it was easy to keep it. I have not broken my resolution in perhaps 65 years.

In the past I’ve resolved that I’m too old to make myself watch old films, foreign films, and cerebral films.

This year I’m resolving that I don’t have to drink anybody’s homebrew anymore.

Beach days in all months with a “U”. (That means I need to go in FebrUary as I’m a longstanding member of the ACPBC)

I resolve to do things that may be hard for other people, but not for me. Such as resolving to eat at some point tomorrow, to pet the cat when she meows for scritches, not to smoke marijuana, etc. See, I like to be applauded for effort, but I hate disappointing myself. So this is really the best way to go about it.

I know, Rachel! Even if I do manage to keep a resolution (like writing every day) if I don’t do “enough” (whatever that is) I tear myself up. :frowning:

This year I’m considering joining a fitness center that has a pool, so I can do water exercises. That’s going to take a couple months to get going because A) I hate my current swimsuit B) I need swim shoes C) have to buy a lock for my locker and D) don’t have the money lying around for a membership at the moment.

So it’s a goal, but kind of a “when I get to it” goal. Seems kind of wishy-washy to me…

I resolve not to accidentally fall off of a tall building

In 2013 I will try to eat more cheese.

I’m resolving to take up a new artistic type hobby. I used to be fairly crafty, and I miss it, so darn it I am going to make time for it again. And, although I always resolve to lose weight and eat healthy, I am really going to make an effort this year. Not for vanity reasons mind you. I want to be healthy enough by year end so my love and I can start trying for our first baby!

I resolve to make and eat more homemade cheesecake.

I’ve already started the homemade cookies so that won’t be a new one.