I get my new kitten tomorrow!!!

That’s right, a six-week old seal-point siamese girl. I’ve decided to call her Papi, short for papillon, french for butterfly. I’m so excited!


I love Siamese cats! I have two chocolate points myself (named Sophie and Schrodie). See their pictures here. My previous cat was a Tonkinese (half Siamese). My one before that was also Siamese.

Make sure to post pictures of Papi!

Aaah! So sorry! My cats are seals as well, not chocolates. We wanted to get chocolates, but couldn’t find any. Sorry guys. How can you even forgive me for calling you by the wrong breed?

How exciting for you StGermain! I hope you enjoy your kitty as much as I enjoy mine!

Opus1, what beautiful cats you have!

Awwwww… that thoooo thweeeeet, StGermain! I wish I could have a kitty cat, but our apartment building is a no-pets place. We talk about moving out because of it… but then my lazy-ass inertia kicks in and reminds me that that’s way too much trouble. If we ever find some other reasons, we’ll move out and make a real effort to find a pet-friendly unit.

The only cat I ever owned, Newton, was wonderful! (my ex-hubby got custody). We visited the humane society four days in a row and hung out in their “cat house” until a cat adopted us. Newton was tiny when we got him, but we saw how playful and friendly he was with the other kittens, and he just completely took to us, napping in our laps and everything.

Newton even let us give him a bath in the kitchen sink when he needed a flea dip! He got used to it and never made a fuss, since it was the very first thing we did when we brought him home (all the while speaking very softly to him, using very lukewarm water, etc.).

It’s been a few years since I’ve seen him, but I’m told he’s still a wonderful (now mostly outdoor) cat. :sniff: I miss my kitty! Waaaaaahhhhhh. :sniffle:

She’s home and all is well. She’s absolutely tiny!! I thought she was a chocolate point, but now find out she’s a sealpoint. It doesn’t matter, I’m already in love with Papi. I’m introducing her to my indoor dogs, a Doberman and a german shepherd right now.

Baglady - I currently have 4 dogs, the kitten and a horse. And I’m thinking of buying another horse. I couldn’t live without animals around!


Oh, lucky you! I absolutely adore my little kitty

Who oddly enough, is also a sealpoint siamese (plus some) with a French name.

Wow, congrats, good luck with her.

I just brought home a new kitten about 4 weeks ago. She was the runt of the litter, she’s all black with just a touch of white on her belly. My boyfriends cat was the mommy, but Mommy Kitty was killed by a car when the kittens were only 5 weeks old. Hence, my little Pekoe sucks on everything! My older cat, Diga, is seven years old, and I was so afraid he wouldn’t take to a having another animal in the house. But lo and behold, I think he LIKES her! I’ve seen Diga nuzzle Pekoe and kissing her and stuff, so I think they’ll be friends.

My cats have such personality, congrats on your new addition!

congrats on your new kitty cat. y’all will have many happy conversations.


I got my very first cat of my own three months ago. Because she had chocolate ears and tail, I thought she was a siamese mix. After looking at a cat book, I see that she actually has the markings of a snowshoe.

Then because she was getting lonely while I was at work I went down to the shelter and got a black and white kitty last week.

It’s really an experience to have two kittens in the house. Even as I type, I hear something large getting knocked over.

hold on, let me go check…

It was just a mop bucket. No biggie.

Do your dogs have much experience with cats? How did they react?

Yep, Mike, the german shepherd loved my cat that was killed July 4th, and is very interested in Papi. Simon, the dobe, isn’t too interested. It’s not food, and that’s all that really matters (dog POV). She’s settling in. She’s on my lap right now. :slight_smile:


I also have a Siamese kitty. Her name is Saffron and she’s a Tabby point. So gorgeous :slight_smile:

My law school roommate had a seal-point Siamese (named “Seal”). The name was appropiate cause she was fat like a seal. She was maybee the prettiest cat I have ever seen. What a face. She was a very “talkative” cat, as I hear seal points are. Lots of cute meows. Also, complaining meows when lonely. Demanding meows when chicken or tuna was eaten.

Enjoy your cat.