I get to go see King Tut tomorrow

Ok, well his stuff- but that is cool none the less.

Growing up I wanted to be an Egyptologist, so I’m giddy like a school girl (ok, a nerdy school girl…not to be confused with the naughty varity).

Has anyone else seen the exhibit yet?

We had to buy our tickets a few weeks ago, as everything was sold out for a while there.

**The Highwayman ** and I saw it on Friday. You’re gonna love it. If you didn’t get the audio tour, please do when you get there, it was very well done. There were a LOT of pieces from the Amarna period (as it should be) that were just. absolutely. stunning.

Strangely enough, people just sort of blew by what I think is one of the finer pieces of the exhibit: Tut’s knife. Truly breathtaking. It still looks brand new. All in all, it was a very well done exhibit (well, it damn well better be, it’s King Freakin’ Tut!). Give yourself at least 3-4 hours to get through it. I really don’t want to burn out my supply of superlatives on this post; really, there are no words to describe. It was just freakin’ awesome!

And now I am even more giddy! I’m generally not a fan of audio tours- I like to wander on my own (particularly through art museums). Do you usually go for the audio? Or was this one just that good?

We’re leaving Bakersfield at noonish, so we’ll get to the museum about two. They don’t close the exhibit until 7, so I think we’ll be ok on time.

I saw the exhibit in Berlin - in the late 70’s or early 80’s? Whenever.

It was pretty amazing.

Have fun!

Actually it was the first time I’ve ever done an audio tour. I figured this was a big enough event that I wanted to do everything, and I didn’t regret it. The audio tour isn’t on all the time or anything, it’s around 25-30 short snippets. Omar Sharif did a great job, and Dr. Zawi Hawass had a few bits on it as well. OH and before I forget: it pays to walk all the way around most of the exhibits. Even the ones you wouldn’t think would have anything on the back do. In fact, that may be the only way you get to see some of the things if you are impatient like I am (I spent a lot of time reading the exhibit info from the side). There will probably (hopefully) be less people there when you go tomorrow though.

Oh egads, and leave Bakersfield earlier than that. We left Lancaster at 11 for our 1 o’clock showing and we were late.

What exhibition are we talking about here? I’ve seen the exhibits in Cairo Museum and the British Museum. I get the impression you’re talking about something else, but I thought they had divided all of Tutankhamen’s treasure between them.

I’ve seen the one in Berlin too. The tour guide boasted that it was the World’s second largest collection, but it seemed a lot smaller than the other two. I don’t think there was any King Tut artifacts there.

The treasures are on tour again. Well, part of them anyway. No Tut funerary mask or inner- or outer-coffin. Right now they are at LACMA.

There is the King Tut “tour” exhibit…and in Berlin, there is the Egyptian Museum but not the same thing. I was referring to the same King Tut touring exhibit that was in Berlin for a few months (although I believe that tour actually had a few more artifacts than the current tour, but don’t mean to nitpick or belittle the value of going to see this version of the exhibit.)

That was another question I had and maybe you could answer it Sausage Creature. When my friend got the tix from Ticketmaster the time was 4 PM. The tickets say 00.00 as did the email she got. So are we not allowed into the exhibit until 4?

The tix should have your entry time on them. If they say 4pm, I don’t believe you can enter til then. We had 1 o’clock entry, got there at about 1:30-ish. They shuffled us into a queue area for 1 o’clockers, but I saw one for the 2 o’clock people as well. We were still not allowed into the exhibit at that time, we had to queue up for a short time as well. Hope this helps somewhat.

One last question- I promise! You are allowed to wander around the rest of the Art Museum, right? Like, if we get there at 1 and our time isn’t until 4- can we go look at other exhibits?

Did I mention that I love you? :wink:

I don’t think admission to the rest of LACMA was included. If it was, then I feel like a dummy, 'cause we drove all the way to the dreaded USC shudders, makes sign of the Cross to burn off time and see if we could do the Museum of Natural History (they were going to close in an hour, so there went that idea).

And have fun. It was so good I may go again! After I finish blogging my review anyway. I’m like 3 days behind . . .

The email is in the profile- drop me a link to the blog, please. I’d love to read the review.

Will do! I’ll have to get part 2 hammered out. Not emailing it to you til it’s done, and you’ve gone, so no spoilers :slight_smile:

::Taps foot repeatedly; looks at watch::


Sorry. I promise I’ll write tonight, after it cools down a bit.

Dude! You’re in Antelope Valley! If you wait for it to cool, we will be waiting until January! :slight_smile:

…for someone to come along and quote Steve Martin?

I haven’t seen the touring stuff, but I’ve been to the museum in Cairo. I really recommend reading up on Tut and the discovery before you go. I find it makes it so much more interesting when you know a little about what you’re seeing.