The King Tut Exhibit - Gold Mask or No?

The exhibit is starting here in the LA area and we’re going to LACMA in July to go see it. I am of course, brimming with excitement. However, I have a third hand account that I was hoping a knowledgeable Doper (is there any other kind?) could clear up for me.

A cow-orker of The Highwayman’s said there was a law in Egypt prohibiting the solid gold funerary mask from being taken out of the country (cow-orker got this from Good Morning America). Is this true? 'Cause it’s on all their advertisements - which I canunderstand, as it is the single most iconic piece of Egyptian art. I know there are a lot of other great things to see in this exhibit, but of course I really, really wanna see the mask.

I’m going to! The pamphlet implies that the mask is in the exhibit. It lists a bunch of objects that were found with King Tut and says that the objects are laid out in a way that will enable the guest to envision their original positions and the mask is included in the list.

Yeah the website rather implies it as well. I just wanna know if the whole law thing is bunk or not.

I saw the smaller exhibit in LA in 1979 or so, and I seem to recall there was a solid gold mask.

Last time the Tut exibit toured the mask did NOT go with it. Its my understanding that it will never leave Cairo (fwtw).

Sadly the closest it will come to KC is Chicago. :frowning:

well that was crappy timing on my part.

OK, from HERE…
The exhibit opens June 16 at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, where the artifacts will be on view through November 15. It then tours Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Chicago and Philadelphia in 27 months. Nothing from the sensational 1970s show is repeated. That means there is no gold mask bearing Tut’s unblinking, iconic likeness.

Too bad, because it was at LACMA when I went to see that exhibit circa 1977. It was easily the most incredible thing I have ever seen at a museum. Totally awesome (not Val-speak).

Bummer. I’ll just have to go to Cairo when I’m rich and famous, then.

I suppose we’ll just have to make do with the blinking one then. Oh well.

Yes, but it only closes its eyes when you lay it down, and I doubt you’ll be allowed to touch it. :wink:

Anyway, I think the blinky Tut doll is tacky compared to the nodding Anubis.

Touch with your eyes only. Then wash your eye rigorously. :eek: